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5 Reasons that make Free Slots worth to Play

5 reasons to play slots free

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Risk Free Fun!

Anyone who knows free online slots knows how amazing slot games can be. For those of us that do not have the joy of experiencing these amazing slot games just yet, then let us get to why they can be so great. Free slots are a great way of getting access to some fantastic games with absolutely no risk at all, being able to get into the greatest slot games around. And all of this great fun on offer comes with opportunity to get our hands on some risk free money too!

That being said, slot games have advanced to the point where we are no longer simply just gambling, we are playing games. There are storylines and characters to get involved with, on top of this the level of graphics that has become the norm is astonishing. Full worlds created before our eyes with detail not seen in some triple A Games! There is little that is more exhilarating that the thrill of the spinning wheels and the chance to make some serious cash!

Deposit £10 to Get Free Spins

An Opportunity To Get To Know Some New Slot Games

There is such variety in the styles of games, the endless amount of themes that we can choose from. From the wacky fantasy imaginariums of fairies or leprechauns to the historic worlds of Vikings or the Egyptians or the even to the titillating or down right weird raunchy. Whatever your style, there is something out there for everyone to get into; a world in waiting.

Rife with excitement and potential! How many amazing gambling stories have we heard or seen on social media. People making it large from a single bets – with free slots, that upper limit might be off limits, but there is still a huge amount of opportunity for those want to get into the mix.

No Risk, No Skill Required!

What’s even better that with free slots we have absolutely no need for any skill what so ever! With a total lack of risk we are able to engage without having to worry about losing money if get something wrong, so whilst we learn how to play the game, we have this as a security until we decide whether we want to deposit some cash and get invested into making some serious winnings! That being said, there are people who only use free slots and still make profits, it is just harder to do so, because understandably, casinos will want to avoid people exploiting the deals that they offer too much whilst still having the chance for people to make money for nothing.

Practise Different Slot Strategies

Another great thing about free slots is that it gives us the chance to be able to try out different strategies. Learning the differences between what the statistics mean for our gameplay. We are all able to understand that volatility will dictate the likelihood of us being paid per spin which will inform us of how much we are likely going to want to stake for each spin in relation to our total pot of money to play with. Different casinos use different metrics to measure this, however there is a pretty standard idea of what is low, medium and high.

One common misconception across new players, is that a high volatility is a bad thing. It is not necessarily a bad thing at all, unfortunately, the volatility of a slot is not enough information to tell us anything concrete enough to understand whether the slot is worth playing or not.

This brings us to RTP, which for those of us who do not know is the Return To Player statistics. What is great about this is that in tandem with volatility we can be pretty well informed on the strategies we will be expecting to use. A low volatility and a strong RTP, likely means small regular wins. A high volatility and an medium to high RTP means that there will be a swathe of losing hands and then likely either an influx of wins or one large one when we manage to unlock a special bonus round. 

Make Some Free Real Money!

With all of this great gaming that we have at our fingertips and there is rife opportunity to make some free money. However, we do have to look out for some casinos making it near impossible (or literally so) to be able to make actual money. Make sure to look thoroughly through the terms and conditions before signing up for no deposit casino slot games!