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5 Things to do to win at Online Slots

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It’s a question that all online slot game lovers have asked themselves at one point or another: what can I do to win? While online slot games are down to chance and luck, strategy and online slots tips do certainly play a part. So the good news is that there are things that you can do to maximise your chances of winning. We’ve compiled a list of 5 things to do to win at online slots. Make sure you read on to discover what they are!

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Sign Up Responsibly to play slots

This means that you provide the online casino with your real information, both your personal and banking. If you don’t trust the casino with your real information then you shouldn’t be signing up in the first place. The great thing about playing at Star Slots is that it’s a reputable and respected casino, with all of its licenses up to date. Plus it has technology in place to keep all of your details safe so that you have peace of mind. There are also things that you can do to keep your details safe, like making sure you don’t share your username or password with anyone, even those that you trust. You should also make sure that you’re logging out after you’ve finished your gaming session. How can all this help me win I hear you ask? Well, if you provide the casino fake details you won’t be able to collect your winnings and you could even be banned from playing altogether. So it’s important to remember this online slot tip!

Make Sure You Stick to Your Budget

This is perhaps the most important online slots games advice that you’ll hear, always make sure that you decide on your gaming budget before you begin your online slot game. Star Slots understands this and has made sure that they have a feature that allows their players to choose their own limits. All you have to do is get in contact with them to set a daily, weekly or monthly limit for yourself. The great thing about this feature is that you can cater it to your personal gambling needs, and this can keep you from betting any money that you really can’t afford to lose. Your gambling experience should be a fun one, and sticking to your budget will help keep it this way! Following this online slot tip is so easy thanks to Star Slots, make sure you set your deposit limit with them now!

Free Spins Bonuses

Casinos are always thinking up new ways of rewarding their players and providing them with incentives to keep playing, and Star Slots are no exception! They have a variety of exciting bonuses and promotions on offer for their players. Let’s take a look at those that involve Free Spins. First up there’s the Star Slots Loyalty Scheme in place for players, and it has 5 different loyalty levels and rewards. At the top level you are awarded with a Free Spin of the online slot game Legend Mega Reel! Plus there’s a 20+ Free Spins with every £20+ deposit up for grabs. Another bonus that awards you with Free Spins is the 200 Club, as you collect 200 trophies and are rewarded with a £10 Amazon Voucher to spend! Plus, every 5 trophies you collect means you are in with a chance of winning a massive 500 Free Spins! This means that you can win a huge 20,000 Starburst Free Spins! There’s also a promotion called Happy Hour, where every Wednesday funded players are in with a chance to win 10 or more Free Spins on different slot games! All you need to do is log into your account with Star Slots between the hours of 4-8PM and you’re in with a chance of winning! Free Spins bonuses can really help increase your chances of winning, as well as helping players to figure out the best way to place their future bets. Make sure you follow this online slot tip! For Starburst free spins no deposit join Star Slots!

Play Online Slot Games for Free

Whenever you can, we recommend that you play online slot games for free or in demo mode, especially if you’ve never played the game before. This gives you a chance to study up on it and decide whether it’s worth playing with real money. What’s more, you can discover lots about the slot itself like the paytable, wilds, multipliers and any other bonuses. Knowledge is power and knowing the ins and outs of a slot can help increase your chances of winning. Star Slots recommends that you give Cleopatra free online slots a go, it’s a super popular casino game and it has an RTP of over 95%. This is a popular choice as players love the Ancient Egyptian theme, funky music and clear graphics.

Know When to Walk Away

This is an important piece of online slots advice that you should definitely keep in mind, as it can help you to win by not losing a lot of your hard earned money! Star Slots have put measures in place like the Take a Break option for their players who need to walk away from gaming for a bit. Using this feature means that you have the power to exclude yourself from online gaming for a certain length of time. To do this you will need to email Star Slots directly and tell them how long that you want to take a break for, this could be 24 hours, one week, one month or any period up to a maximum of 6 weeks. If you feel like you’re chasing your losses or you’re no longer having fun, then make use of the Take a Break feature. And give yourself a pat on the back for realising that you need one! After all, you will come back much fresher and in a better head space to make informed decisions that could lead to big wins! Also your account will be waiting for you, untouched, when you return. You’re in safe hands with Star Slots!