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Best Slot Sites to Play Slots Online

Best Slot Sites to Play Slots Online

In the world of online casinos, slots gamers often seem to be treated pretty poorly by many operators. Considering the amount of time and money that online slots gamers spend playing slots at casinos, it sometimes feels like they are not treated as pleasantly as they could be. 

So what could your favourite online UK casino do to make its slots players feel more welcome? After all, the gambling sector is now a very crowded marketplace, and online casinos and bookmakers need to be doing as much as possible to retain their customers’ loyalty. So what can online casinos do to make the lives of their loyal customers a little bit better?

Here, we will take a closer look at a few things that online casinos can change about the way they do things that can help their customers feel a bit more wanted. If online casinos were to take some of these steps, we think that many customers would not only be very pleased, but might also want to spend even more time playing slots in their favourite online casino. Read on to find out more!

Bonus Offers Available

One of the more obvious ways that online casinos can improve the way that they look after their customers is to offer more generous bonuses. While online casinos do offer quite generous bonuses to new customers, there is always room for improvement. Most casinos will offer some kind of matched deposit bonus, and this is often paid out in three stages. The amount of bonus varies with each of these payments, but the three bonus payments often add up to around £500. Some casinos might offer as much as £1000 over the three bonus payments that they offer. We think that they could offer more than this, though. A way of doing this would be to offer the bonus in five stages rather than three. More bonus credit for players could result from this change. Of course, it is the wagering requirements attached to a bonus that often help to define its value. We will take a look at wagering requirements in the next section.

Wagering Requirements The wagering requirements that online casinos attach to their bonuses can be the bane of many online slots gamers’ lives. Wagering requirements relate to how many times you have to bet the bonus credit before it can be claimed as real cash winnings. Many times, these wagering requirements can be very onerous indeed, with customers expected to wager their bonus as many as 15 or 20 times before it can be turned into actual cash. There is usually a pretty restrictive time limit on you doing this too. This often seems a bit harsh to us. After all, having to wager the bonus credit so many times in a short period of time means that you as a customer have to put in quite a lot of time and effort. It often feels very unfair that after making the commitment to a casino and receiving a bonus you have to spend so much time meeting wagering requirements. Less restrictive wagering requirements is a step that we think online casinos could easily take to help their customers enjoy a better gaming experience. Loyalty Programmes

Everyone likes to receive some bonus credit from their favourite online casino, and you can always expect a casino to be reasonably generous when it comes to welcoming new customers. When you have been signed up for a while, though, those bonuses can soon dry up and disappear entirely. We think that online casinos should keep their regular customers happier with more regular bonuses. A surprise bonus from time to time would also be quite pleasant to receive, and certainly make more customers more willing to spend more time playing slots at their favourite online casino.

VIP and Personalised Bonuses Another way that online casinos could improve things for their online slots games for players is to have more bonus offers that are aimed at specific customers. Casinos have all kinds of data nowadays about which games their customers favour and how long they spend playing those games. We believe that that information can be used to tailor a more specific experience for players. What do we mean by more specific? Well, it would be nice for you to receive extra free spins for your favourite games from time to time. It would also be pleasant for you to be awarded some extra bonus credit that can be used on your favourite slots games, to supplement the welcome bonus that you receive when you sign up. In an era where much more of our online habits can be seen by casinos, it would be nice for them to use some of this extra data to make regular customers’ lives a little happier

Best Slot Sites

Choosing the Best Online Slot Site

As you can see from the above, there are a number of simple things that online casinos could do to help improve the lives of their loyal customers. We genuinely believe that these steps are very easy for any casino to take, especially given the way that technology allows the gaming experience to be personalised these days. Concepts like personalised bonuses relating to a customer’s favourite games are not especially difficult to put in place these days. Any casino that took just one or two of these very simple steps could really boost their level of customer service.

The key to improving the way online casinos treat their slots players is to get in touch with them. All casinos now have a contact button, often located somewhere on the home page of the website. There is also usually a live chat function nowadays too, allowing for instant communication. This means that you can let the casinos know directly about the things that you would like them to do to improve your gaming life.

Make sure you tell your favourite online UK casino about some of the steps above. Who knows? They might just listen and implement some new ideas that benefit you!