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Best ways to win on slots

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There are many reasons that we play online slots. Some of us play them for the fun of it. We love the sights and sounds of the wheels spinning. An afternoon of relaxing gameplay.

Others enjoy the themes. A sci-fi or dinosaur themed game can really set the imagination going. The biggest reason that we engage in online slots is to win, and win big. Not everyone can achieve this every time, as slots are mostly based on luck but there are some things that we can do to increase our chances.

So, what are the best ways to win on slots?

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Play until the RTP pays off

This might not sound like a very clever or engaging strategy but it is a method that we must consider nonetheless. One of the best ways to win on slots is to keep on playing. Don’t give up. Be persistent.

The more that you play, the more chance you have at winning. After all, you can only lose so many times before the odds flip in your favour. Keep going on a slot on Star Slots and you will receive a pay-out eventually. Life can’t be that unfair. The downside to this however is that the pay-out you receive might not be comparable to the amount that you have lost. Either way, the chances are that you will win on a slot by playing this way just not as much as you might like.

Set yourself a slot budget limit

A more careful way to win on slot games that you might consider is setting yourself a certain amount of money to play with. With only a limited amount to play with you can ensure that you quit while you are ahead. Whether you are winning or incur a loss, walk away when you have used the amount that you have set yourself. That way there is less chance that you blow the money you may have already won by losing it all over again. Leave when you are on top.

This is a tricky way to play as there is still no guarantee that you will win anything at all with the amount you set aside to play with. However it will decrease the chance of you blowing the winnings that you have already won from the slot.

Find those bonuses and free spins

All slot games are unique in their special features. Some have multiple bonus rounds and others offer the chance to win more free spins, all with the intention to increase your multiplier. That only means one thing. Winning more money.

By analysing what each slot game that you play offers, we can work these features to our advantage to win big on a slot. Find out exactly what is required to get to the bonus round and whether the multiplier it offers is worth leaving the main game for. It may be a distraction.

Keep on trying for those free spins. Dig deep to work out the best way to find them before you start paying to give you the edge. Perhaps you need to sign up to a site like Star slots for the first time to gain some free spins to experiment with some of their slots. Either way, a stellar way to help you win at slots is to know the game that you are playing.

Try different slot games

There are hundreds of slots available on star spins Slots alone. That means that there is no excuse for players not to be trying as many slot games as possible to win on slots.

If a certain game is not paying out then perhaps switching to a different slot might shift the odds in your favour. There is no guarantee that this will be the case but it stands to reason that your luck can’t be abysmal everywhere. When you start to lose on a slot, play a different one. If you’ve won plenty on that game, then switch again. Mixing and matching stacks the odds in your favour rather than against you.


So, how do you manage to win on slots? There is no exact answer as to how to win at a luck based game. However, by implementing some of the ideas in this article, we can greatly improve our chances. At the end of the day it is all about experimentation and analysis.

With that being the case, get to Star Slots now and start winning. You are only one persistent game away after all.