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Differences Between Jackpot Slots and Normal Slots

Differences Between Jackpot Slots and Normal Slots

Oh, there is so much choice out there when it comes to playing online slots. The online casino industry as a whole is absolutely thriving right now and this is thanks in part to the rise of the online slot game. Coming in a wide range of themes, layouts and styles, offering some very nice sized jackpots, all whilst being widely available on all smartphone devices, makes for a very popular way to gamble online. In this article, we will be looking at one of the genuine sensations of the online slot game which is the jackpot slot. How does the jackpot slot compare to a normal slot game in terms of features and the like? We weigh up the pros and cons here, in jackpot slots vs normal slot games.

What is a jackpot slot?

But first off, we should address what is meant by a ‘jackpot slot.’ Quite simply, jackpot slots can be defined as uk slot games which have the potential of a huge jackpot as their central theme. All slot games have a theme and these can range from the basic simplicity of a fruit machine style to something more 2019 and wildly ambitious like a zombie apocalypse set in outer space. The jackpot slot, though, just puts the potential jackpot as the central theme and these are what largely drive the narrative of the game. Read a more in-depth explanation into jackpots read our handy jackpot guide!

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Bonus features

In terms of bonus features, you will find that, in general, jackpot slots are a little more limited in terms of having a wide selection of extras and mini-games. For the most part, this is because the jackpot slot will often have one very crucial feature and that is, of course, the progressive jackpot. A jackpot that grows as you play and play, the progressive jackpot is the opposite of a fixed jackpot which caps the amount of money that a player can win. While a normal slot game offers the chance to win various amounts of money, perhaps increasing when you play a bonus feature that offers multipliers or instant cash wins, the jackpot slot can end up in some frankly outrageous amounts of money due to these progressive jackpot styles.

Smartphone playability

Where it is harder to separate the two, is when it comes to how you play these titles. For the most part, all modern jackpot slots and all normal slot games released over the past few years, will be available to play on all major devices. This means that no matter how you prefer to play, be that on a smartphone device that is always in your hand while you wait for the bus, or on a tablet device that you like to sink into the sofa with, or indeed on a now old school desktop device, you can largely do so with all modern online slot games. Both offering decent graphics and smartphone optimisation, there is not much to choose between the jackpot and normal slot when it comes down to much else, other than the amount of money on the line. Win star spins on Star Slots!