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Free Spins No Deposit 2021

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The new year has begun and we are all looking for something good to kick it off. Making some free money in 2021 and getting to enjoy some top class games could be the answer for you! There are hundreds of thousands of online slots out there and nearly as many bonus deals for us to take advantage of too!

Let us take a look at what is out there for us to get our hands on and what we should expect to see coming as the rest of the year goes on. Just for a heads up, no deposit free spins is the type of games we will look into on this page.

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What Are Free Spins

Before we take a look at the best deals out there are, first we should make sure that everyone knows that exactly free spins are.

Free spins are special bonuses that online casinos offer to players as a reward for using their specific online casino.

With there being so many different online casinos out there trying to get us to join their casino, we will usually see them offered to us as welcome bonuses.

Online casinos are always trying to get new players to join in 2021, this is because one of the biggest issues they face are players stopping playing with them – often this is because there is a community of players out there who jump from one online casino to another to take advantage of the welcome bonuses that are out there. With all of this competition, there are is some serious potential to take advantage of online casinos need to bring in new players.

Are Free Spins No Deposit a Waste of Time?

Because of this need for online casinos to bring in as many new players as they can, it would not make sense if a casino offered a deal that had no chance of making us any real money.

That being said, it does not mean that it is necessarily easy to win this free money. Though casinos want to give us the chance to be able to get the rewards of their bonus welcome deals, they are also running a business and therefore are unable to simple give money away to everyone, else they would be bust in no time!

This need to balance what they offer to us for free and staying open so we can enjoy the games they have to offer means that they implement different restrictions on how we can use the variety of welcome bonuses.

Understanding the restrictions on the bonuses is the key to being able to make real money, risk free from the casinos.

Knowing what to look out for is also what means we can avoid spending hours building up winnings and then finding out that unfortunately we are actually unable to withdraw these winnings.

Things to Consider in 2021 if you play with free spins

With the myriad of bonuses to take advantage of, there are also a myriad of restrictions to make it that little bit harder for us to actualise the rewards that are being sold to us.

So let us take a look at what restrictions that online casinos will put in place.

Wager Requirements

The biggest issue that players will run into time and time again, the thing that can make it a battle to get our hands on the winnings that we have made is wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements is a limitation placed on the total amount of money that we have gambled before we are able to withdraw from our accounts.

It functions as a multiplier.

For instance if we have been given £50 worth of free spins from an online casino, we could have to meet a wagering requirement of 10x, this would mean that we would have to have amounted a total wagering amount of £500.

Whilst that might not sound too crazy, the amount that wagering requirements are set to can drastically vary. Some are as little as 4x, whereas it is possible to find some that in the lofty heights of 100x or more. That would mean that with that £50 worth of free spins we would have to amass the grand total of £5,000 before we were able to withdraw any of our winnings!

Another crafty trick that can be pulled by some of the less legitimate online casinos is to continue to give additional bonuses to increase the monetary value of our wagering requirement. This is only a serious issue if the casino has set a seriously high wagering requirement.

Game Restrictions

Another thing that can trip up new players is game restrictions, whilst this is not necessarily a negative, it can get in the way of exploring an online casinos games.

As we can probably guess, game restrictions are when a casino will offer free spins that are specifically tied to a slot game.

Whether this is a negative thing falls to the individuals perspective. For some it can be a great way to discover new slot games, for others it is a wall stopping them from playing the games they would like to.

One thing that is good to know is that a lot of online casinos will use welcome offers that are tied to specific games to advertise those games.

Either that, or they will be tied to a highly popular game so to pull people in who are looking to play that specific game through a new online casino.

Free Spin Value

Another thing to look out for is the value assigned to free spins.

Free spins are set a value per spin, the industry standard value is around 10p, this would mean that if we were offered 100 free spins, the total value of those spins would be £10 (knowing this comes in handy when looking at the wagering requirements!).

Knowing that the industry standard is 10p does not mean it will always be the case, there are plenty of sly casinos that will offer insane amounts of free spins, but they will all but worthless. Being aware of the value of free spins can save us a lot of time and heartache.


One more thing that we should keep an eye on when looking at free spin offers is the expiry of them. Online casinos will often place a time limit that we have to have spent the free spins within. If the casino has decided to implement this restriction, we will most often see the expiry be around 7 days. This being said, this restriction has been known to be as short as 24 hours. Getting caught out by this can really sting.

Stunted Free Spin Release

We will often see free spins expiries in tandem with stunted releases.

Stunted releases will usually be seen when there are either multiple slot games that the free spins are tied to or when there are a lot of free spins on the table.

For example, let us say that an online casino is offering 1000 free spins. We might see them place the restriction that we will receive 50 free spins a day, each batch having a 24 hour expiry.

Knowing this is somewhat common means that we are able to take full advantage of the deals that are being offered.

How to Find Free Spins Restrictions

Luckily it is a legal requirement for casinos to clearly display the impactful aspects of their terms and conditions to players, so we should be able to find these details clearly displayed on their websites.

If not, here’s a little pro tip for you.

Open up the terms and conditions and press Ctrl + F. This will bring up a little search bar, type in the specific restrictions to find them quickly.

What Is The Best Online Slot To Play With Free Spins in 2021?

There is a huge variety of games out there to play, however there is one that stands above the rest in popularity and ease of getting to know for any new players.

Starburst Free Spins no Deposit

Starburst is a mechanically simple game. It comes with an impressive RTP of 96.09% and has a low Volatility. The truly amazing thing about Starburst however is not the great stats, it that paylines. There are only ten, but the amount of paylines becomes less important when we know that it pays out both ways!

NetEnt are one of the best slot producers out there and it is no surprise that Starburst comes in at No. 1 on multiple online slot ranking lists.

Better still Star Slots currently has an offer of 500 free spins to get our hands on and join the rest of the community in playing this top tier online slot game.

Visually, Starburst is set in the depths of space with the distant twinkling of stars and undiscovered worlds. It is here that we try to catch the jewelled stars that spin across this advantageous board. Whilst Starburst keeps things simple for players, it still manages to fit in some great bonus features for us to take advantage of such as more in game free spins! Find more top slot games to play on free at Star Slots.