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Spinning the reels at an slots online casino can be one of the most exciting ways to spend time. Depending on the type of slot that we want to play, it can be a high octane adventure or as calming as a gentle stroll as we explore magical fairy land.

One of the big issues that can often stand in the way of being able to enjoy our favourite online slot games can be the financial risk of it. Money is not always abundant and for some the enjoyment of playing slot games solely derives from the game and not the risk.

Whatever kind of player it is that wants to avoid risk, but still have the fun of slots, there are free spins without deposit slots, which allow players to get involved risk free into some of the best slot games on the market.

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What Are Free Spins No Deposit No Wager?

Free Spins are a way for players to be able to spin the reels on their favourite slots without putting any of their money at risk.

Free spins no deposit 2021 no wagers, are deals that online casinos offer to players to entice us to use their specific casino. Slot game players are able to use these deals to get access to free slot with no wagering and no deposits.

This means that we can play top quality slots with zero risk.

How Do We Get Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Deals?

Players can get free spin no deposit no wager deals a few different ways.

Here’s a quick list.

  • Welcome Bonuses
  • Loyalty Bonuses
  • Demo Slots – No Real Money

The most common place to see them is through welcome bonuses, this is because casinos are always looking for new players, but there are more ways for us to get our hands on them, so we can avoid always moving casinos after we have used the welcome bonus offer.

Online casinos will offer loyalty bonuses which will come in the form of free spins. Players can also earn rewards for referring friends to their online casino of choice.

There are also a few other ways to get our hands on free spins, but the other methods usually require us to make deposits to earn the free spin offers.

Can You Win Real Money With Free Spins No Deposit No Wager

Making real money with free spins no deposit no wager can completely possible, but with the lack of risk there are things put in place to make it harder for players to convert those winnings into real money.

Before we go into what those things are, it is important not to unjustly demonise online casinos for making it harder for us to get our hands on free money.

It can often be forgotten that casinos are just like any business. They have to make money for us to be able to make money. Giving away endless amounts of free money would make any business go bankrupt, so they mediate the risk that they expose themselves to by putting measures in the terms and conditions of the bonus offers to make it harder for players to actualise these profits.

Some online casinos are fair in the measures they put in place and some are not, understanding what the difference between good free spins no deposit no wager deals and bad ones is incredibly important.

Wagering Requirements

The biggest issue players face in converting their winnings into real money is the wagering requirement imposed by casinos.

Wagering Requirements are multipliers that are applied to the monetary value of our bonus deal. The value of that multiplication is the how much our total betting has to total to before we are able to withdraw any money from our account.

Let us put this into an example.

Hypothetically, a cash bonus of £50 and a wagering requirement of 200x.

  • 50 X 200 = 10,000

This would mean that players would have to bet a total amount of £10,000 before being able to withdraw any winnings.

One of the biggest issues with this, is that the likelihood of having any money left in our account after trying to reach that goal is slim.

Free Spin Value

The astute among us might be wondering how we can work out the total value of our bonus. We are able to work this out by knowing what the value of our free spins are.

The industry standard value of a free spin is £0.10.

If an online casino is offering free spins for much less than this, then it worth while questioning whether it is worth while to play if we are wanting to avoid wasting our time.

Finding out the value of our free spins is pretty simple, online casinos are legally required to display the meaningful points of the terms and conditions on their website. We can usually find this information on the sign up banner or at the bottom of the page, though it can vary.

No withdrawing winnings

Imagine playing, earning up a great profit. Ready to celebrate by withdrawing some of the winnings to treat ourselves, but we find out that the winnings from our accounts aren’t and will never be real money.

This can happen when an online casino stipulates that the winnings from free spins or any bonus deals will remain as bonus money meaning that we can continue to play with them, but outside of the website, they are meaningless.

This is not as common to see, but it is something we want to pay attention for.


After going through the tedium of setting up our accounts, entering in our details and getting a hold of our welcome bonus free spins we can potentially be unknowingly racing against the clock.

Some online casinos will enforce expiry dates on the bonus. This is quite common with free spins no deposit no wager, though it can be seen elsewhere.

Different casinos will set different time scales, some are more lenient, others will give players as little as 24 hours to spend all our free spins.

How To Vet An Online Casino

Now that we know all of the things that we need to watch out for, we need to know how to check whether the casino that we are interested in meet our requirements.

Make sure the online casino you are looking at meets these requirements:

  • Make sure they are registered with the Gambling Commission
    • Usually displayed at the bottom of their homepage
  • Check the main parts of the terms and conditions
    • No Withdrawal Wins
    • Wagering Requirements
    • Free Spin Value
    • Free Spin Expiry
  • Make sure they have a suitable withdrawal method

Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Vs Real Money Spins

There is a notable difference between real money spins and no deposit free spins. Like we talked about earlier, online casinos have to mitigate some of their risk when offering us the chance to be able to make no risk real money.

By playing with real money, we take a level of risk away from the casino, which means they are more giving in what they offer.

This can come in a few different ways, although we are still subject to most of the terms that are present with no deposit free spins, they will usually be significantly less severe. It is common to see a drop in the size of wagering requirements.

In addition to the restrictions being lowered, players are still offered access to welcome bonuses, meaning that we can still get our hands on welcome bonus free spins.

Making deposits also means that we have access to additional free spins through loyalty bonuses, which are either determined through the length of time we spend with an online casino or by the deposits we make or both!

Here is a chart with the pros and cons of the two options:

No Deposit, No Wager Free Spins Real Money Spins
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Real Free Money Can be Hard to meet all the requirements Lighter Withdrawal Restrictions Risk of losing money
    Better Deals  
    Loyalty Bonuses  

At the end of the day, choosing between the two options has to be a personal decision. There are few questions players must ask themselves in coming to this decision; mainly whether the increased risk is worth the potential reward and if we can afford to lose the money we will gamble with.

Whilst Star Slots doesn’t offer no deposit bonuses, there are some great free spins to be able to get our hands on, so get signed up and for as little as £10 deposit we can get up to 500 free spins!

Best Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Offers

Whether we decide to use real money or take advantage of the no deposit, no wager free spins, it is good to know what the standard bonuses are for the best UK slot games.

No deposit free spins can vary drastically. If we look at high street casinos, they will tend to offer a much smaller amount, for example we could be offered 10 free spins.

Here are some common no deposit free spin offers:

  • No deposit 10 Free Spins with Fishin’ Frenzy
  • 25 Free Spins with 7 day expiry
  • Up to 50 Free Spins with Rainbow Slots
  • 50 Free Spins with NetEnt Games on sign up
  • 500 Free Spins with Starburst with welcome bonus

Bonuses can go up to over 1,000 free spins, but players must do their due diligence when signing up as these online casinos can often be illegitimate or more likely, they will have requirements that are impossible to meet. Wagering requirements and the expiry time on free spins are key to look out for in these situations.

Even so, it is worth researching these offers when we find them, they have the potential of being highly lucrative provided the right circumstances are met.