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Free Spins On Registration No Deposit

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Free spins no deposits are a great opportunity for us to make some risk free money and online casinos can’t seem to stop wanting to give them away to us in exchange for us signing up to their services! They come in a plethora of different deal sizes for us to be able to take advantage of from 10 to 1,000 and more! But what is it that the casinos are getting in return for offering us such good deals? And is it really worth the trade that we are making, because whilst they are free, nothing truly is.

What are No Deposit Free Spins?

First, for those that don’t know, lets just discuss what free spins no deposit uk actually are. Free spins are tokens offered to us to be able to play some of the best online slot games out there. They are a great tool to be used to make some risk free, real money if we know their limitations and restrictions that can be put in place.

Deposit £10 to Get Free Spins

Is It Safe to Give Over Our Details on Sign Up?

Now that we know what free spins are, we should look at what it is that we are actually giving to the casino to be able to join their service and play with this seemingly free deal.

One thing to bare in mind in this exchange is why the offer is there. It would be understandable to be confused as there is seemingly no exchange from us, but the exchange is our commitment, the chance that we may deposit money in the future and risk it to play their star spins slots. The step of making an account is the biggest one on the journey to depositing money and there are plenty of systems in place to further entice us to stay involved with any specific provider, again increasing our likelihood of putting our own skin in the game.

In this exchange we hand over our details, fortunately, this is not really anything to be worried about providing the oniline casino is a legitimate one. GDPR (The Data Protection Act) is something that all companies have to follow and there are serious repercussions to companies that fail to meet the legally set standards. Meaning that the government has our backs, though following up on GDPR breaches can be very difficult if the company is set overseas or not licenced to operate in the UK.

How Can We Check if a No Deposit Free Spins Site Is Legitimate?

So one of the most important things is to know whether an online casino can be trusted or not. There are a few ways that we can go about checking out the safety of signing up with any given slot game provider. There are strict licencing laws around operating as any form of casino in the UK, both a physical casino and an online one. All casinos are legally required to display their licencing, if this we are unable to find this information from a casino, walk away – it is not worth the risk.

Additionally, we can search for them online. Making effective searches is important, so let us discuss using advanced search methods for a moment.

When we are trying to do a background check on a company, it is no use to look at pages they provide to discern their legitimacy, so we need to remove their pages from our search results. This is done as follows.


Replacing the phrase ANYCASINO with the online casino we want to research should only return non-affiliated pages. We can also add words or phrases like scam to find more appropriate results.

There are also some websites that will give player testimony which can be a helpful guide to a sites legitimacy.


There are a great many deals that are waiting for us to get our hands on. In the plethora, there are also some nefarious fake companies that will try and take advantage of how difficult it can be to know whether something online is real or not. We have to take the right steps to be able to make sure we are being safe when taking the risk of gambling.

Playing slot games or any kind of gambling can be great fun, but there is enough risk in the game already to make sure we are looking after ourselves and only engaging with companies that legitimate and fully licenced. This protects our money, if we choose to make a deposit and it protects our sensitive details which we give in the sign up process. Be vigilant and have fun!