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How are slot games on Android different from other online slot games?

Android slots

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Android is an operating system used in most smart phones. Since we can now play online slot games and on said smart phones, are there any good games on this system and what are the best android slot games? What makes these Android games so different from their online counter parts?

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Mobile slot games

Before we look at what makes a good slot game for android, we need to know what makes a good mobile slot game overall. Why are they so different?

For a mobile slot game to be good, it needs to be able to be converted to a smaller size. This means it is not over complicated and doesn’t take too much processing power. If you visit Star Slots I’m sure that you can scroll through their catalogue of slot games and determine for yourself which ones would suit a mobile device.

But what you can do is switch screens. That means you have more in the game but the player accesses it in increments rather than in one go. This means more bonus rounds. Now let’s see which ones are the best for Android.

Android Slot Games

There are so many new and innovative slot games out there that it was inevitable that some would be perfect for the Android operating system. Take a look at:

Pharaoh’s way- an Egyptian themed game that serves as many games in one. This slot game works on a levelling system that takes the player to three different worlds. The diamonds on the reels act as points to collect that will unlock the next world when you are lucky enough to land them. You still need to match the Egypt themed symbols across the reels to win money and free spins but there is a narrative to Pharaoh’s way that really separates it from other online slot games.

True infinity slots- a stunningly animated slot game based around magic and wonder. Over several screens and bonus games the player gets to match many of the terrifically designed symbols across 5 reels to win. There are unicorns galore, mermaids and dark wizards to spin in this highly entertaining slot. You can continuously win over the infinite screens and no two games will be the same with this slots randomly generated format. That really is unique.

These are two of the best android slot games available and there is a clear commonality between the two.

However, if you prefer more traditional online casino games you’d be better suited to Star Slots, the home of great online slot games.

Multiple levels

With android, the switching between apps and new screen content is easy and seamless. One of the best features of the system in fact.

That makes online slot games made for the operating system able to utilise this within their game design. Games for android swap locations and levels, offering players a much more layered approach to the more static online slot games. You are on a journey as opposed to playing a slot game.

More like a Video Game

The multi-level approach to android slot games is akin to more traditional video games. This is because video games are the most popular apps that are downloaded. This means that the gameplay for slots on Android are tailored more toward this aesthetic as it is familiar with smart phone users. The more a slot acts like a video game, the more it will be downloaded. Downloads are what Android wants most.

Beautiful Graphics

A slot game for Android is more likely to have a specific theme and mind blowing graphics to accompany it. The Android system can handle things like this and so developers can construct their games as they see fit. No more bland, single screen games anymore. Also, check out the music for True Infinity Slots to hear how impressive the audio quality can be.

All this and you can play whilst on the move. Sign up to Star Slots to see what your Android phone is capable of. They have hundreds of games fit for your smart phone and you can play them anywhere.

Conclusion on Android Slots

The Android operating system is changing mobile slot games in a big way. The best android slot games are highly themed, have multiple levels and are developed to have a more video game feel. If this sounds like something that you would enjoy then

I highly recommend trying these slots yourself.