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How to Win at Slots with a Low Budget

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Winning at slots is a wonderful feeling. Although we keep coming back for the sensational graphics and gripping bonus features, we do love to win some cash while we’re at it. However, because the game designs of online slots are so entertaining, often you may want to play with a low budget so you can enjoy the games for longer without the risk. Nonetheless, you don’t want your winning ways to be hampered by playing with a low budget. Fear not, as here we will break down how you can be efficient with your payroll and adopt other savvy techniques to win at slots with a low budget.

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Play High RTP Games

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage refers to how much of the amount that an online slot takes in is returned to players as winnings. An RTP of 97% or above is generally considered to be high. Although an online slot’s high RTP does not guarantee you a certain proportion of winnings, it does give you an indication that in the long run, you might get a fairer share of the crop. So, if you are playing with a low budget, its logical to opt for online slots with a higher RTP. Rather than you beating slots, playing a game with a 93% RTP will beat you!

Opt for Slots with Low Limits

It is important that if you have opted to play with a low budget, you stick to it. Winning at slots is great but you should not chase your losses by increasing your budget if you cannot afford it. It is better to stick to your limited budget and enhance your chances through the other strategies mentioned here. So, to ensure you stick to your budget, you should look for slots which allow you to wager small stakes. Online slot reviews of particular games will state what the minimum and maximum bets are for these games. You can often play slots from just 10p a spin and still be in with the chance of beating slots and winning tasty cash sums.

Search for Slots with Bonus Features

Many players win at slots not through the base game but through the more intricate bonus rounds activating during the game. These bonus rounds bring online slots to life and tend to be what makes a particular game memorable. Nonetheless, many online slots, typically older ones, opt for simple formats which focus on the base game. To win at slots with a low budget you want to try at beat the slots which offer up a whole bunch of free spins and respins during the game. Rainbow Riches is one game with a heap of bonus rounds where you can get more for your money. So, read up on some reviews and play the most explosive slots where you could land a big win with a small stake. A good starting point is Star Slots offer, providing 500 Free Spins on Starburst

Look out for Promotional Offers

So, we’ve established that free spins are a great way to win cash on online slots without betting big stakes, but how else can we do this other than hoping they pop up during a game? When you sign up to a casino like Star Slots you have the chance to win incredible prizes form our promotions such as 500 free Starburst spins. There are also loyalty programmes available which give you money back as you play. Utilising these promotional offers is one way of beating slots and getting more back from your casino. This means that you can stick to slow and steady play with your low budget and still enjoy the wealth of fun prizes.

Last Thoughts on Winning at Slots with a Low Budget

Playing real money slot games does spice things up compared to a free game, however there is no need to go above your budget, as online slots have so much entertainment to offer. It is indeed important to play responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose. As such, using these tips to stretch your stakes out a little further is vital to beating slots without overstretching yourself. Most of all, remember that online slots are a fun place to be so long as you stick to your budget. There are tonnes of ways to win across the gazillions of online slots available at Star Slots, so come and get stuck in today!