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Is the best offer for NEW players Free Spins with no Deposit?

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If you are new to online slot games, it can be tricky to know where to start. What are the best slot games for me? A low stakes slot game? A casino game that I am familiar with already?

It turns out that these are the wrong questions to be asking. You see, online slot game sites like Star Slots want you to play their games. That is why they offer all sorts of incentives to get you to sign up and play. This way you can try all sorts of slot games to see which ones suit you best. From free spins with no deposit to all deposit bonuses, there are plenty of juicy sign up deal out there.

So the question that you should be asking is, what are the best offers for new players?

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Free spins Explained

When you sign up to an online casino site one of the rewards you may be offered is a certain amount of free spins on their slots games without paying a deposit. This is a fantastic offer as it allows you to sample many of the sites slot games for free.

Free spins are a feature in many slot games that allow the player to increase their multiplier on top of the money they are already playing with. When the idea behind a slot game is to match symbols across wheels by spinning them this offer is a no brainer. More spins obviously means more wins. But with the free spin offers, you do not need to pay a monetary deposit to play. You can sign up to starslots.com now and you literally have nothing to lose. It is literally all fun and games.

Site and game bonuses

In the same vein as the free spin with no deposit bonus, some online casino sites will give the player a certain amount of free spins that can only be used on a specific game. The number of spins on offer is usually much bigger than the amount you would receive to play across multiple slot games.

For example, at Star Slots you can now get 500 free spins on the game Starburst when signing up. That is massive. With this amount of free spins there is no need to check out other games. You will be playing for ages.

Deposit bonuses

Another exciting offer that sites give new players is a deposit bonus. This can take the form of doubling the amount that you deposit to play with for example letting you play with £20 when you deposit £10. Or a site like Star Slots may give you a free deposit of £10 or £20. That is free money you are playing with. Again you stand to lose very little.

One downside to this offer is that a casino site might not let you withdraw the money that you win with this free deposit. It is simply there to give new players a taste of some of their games.

Free spins with no deposit seems like a better offer here. After all, experienced players are attuned to the thrill of winning big.

Different games

Of course, slot games aren’t the only casino games out there. There are more traditional games available online such as Poker or Blackjack. For these there is no amount of free spins with no deposit will entice a player to have a go. You cannot spin cards.

For these a site may have to be more specific in their sign up offers. Maybe they will offer a certain amount of free hands or deals to accommodate these or just settle for a deposit bonus. There is much less variety for the traditional games.

This is great for players that know what they want to play, not for those that wish to sample a variety of online slot games. At least free spins with no deposit can be applicable to slots and roulette for those of us wanting a mix of the new and traditional.


By giving new players a multitude of different offers when they sign up, sites can really tailor their deals to a variety of new players. These offers give players the chance to test their games or gives them the excitement of their first win. If you are aiming to win, I recommend signing up to a site like Star Slots to get tons of free spins with no deposit.