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Mobile Casino Guide

Mobile Casino Guide

The world of online gambling has come a very, very long way over the last decade or so. Now, in this time of all action 3D graphics, ambitious narratives and extravagant themes being used for slot games, it is hard to believe that online slot machines were originally very limited, very blurry things. Made up of simple code and incredibly slow to run, as was the whole world wide web in those days, the slot games of today are in some ways a different game altogether. This new breed of online slot game has come even further from the humble fruit machines that once could be found, flickering away in the corners of pubs, clubs, chip shops and bars in your local town. You know the ones, a couple of 20p pieces in the slot, then a couple more and then a pound coin, only for the regular behind you to swoop in and take the jackpot.

Fortunately, the online casino is a more personal and private experience, where no one can swoop your winnings. Online casino is personally tailored to the point where now, it is the norm to play them on your smartphone device. Imagine that 20 years ago, a casino that you held in your own hand! The rise of the mobile casino has been a huge part of this new era for online gambling, with more people in the UK having a flutter online than ever before and the majority doing so from the handheld device that they also use for Instagram, FaceTime, texting and whatever else. The rapid improvement in technology has changed the very face of gambling and, if you have not been keeping up, it is quite likely that you feel a little bit out of sorts or even left behind by this new modern wave of online casino.

Fortunately, however, we are here to offer a very handy and very comprehensive guide to the mobile casino, with the aim being to educate and update you, our reader, on the ins and outs of the modern online casino experience. All you need to experience is, quite likely, that thing that you are already holding in your hand, as this will be a guide to the mobile casino, exclusively. Read on for advice and help with choosing the best online mobile casino site for you, the lowdown on welcome bonuses and new customer offers, a selection of our favourite online slot games and more. We will also give you some tips and advice for using mobile casinos, so you can truly get the most out of what is surely the most exciting development in modern gambling history. Without further ado, let us get into our guide to a mobile casino. Place your bets…

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When was the mobile casino invented?

Ever since the internet arrived on mobile phones, work was underway by the developers and major casino sites around the world to bring online gambling to mobiles as well. Although it arrived fairly sporadically, the first mobile casino games are thought to have arrived back in 1994. Way before the touch screen games of today, this was a very basic slot game that required the most up to date phone of this era to be able to play. Therefore, in reality, it is fair to say that the real wave of mobile online casino did not arrive until the 2000s, as internet use of mobiles becoming more and more common. The invention of the form of gambling required several laws and legislations to be passed across Europe and America and elsewhere, to ensure that the process was safe, fair and unable to access by those under the legal age of gambling. By the 2010s, the industry was booming, with Apple’s smartphone, the iPhone, being a landmark moment with its the use of iOS software that we now see readily used for mobile gaming and gambling. Now, online casino apps and websites are ready for people to download from app stores and any server that hosts useful mobile programmes, making the genre of gambling the most accessible it has ever been.

What mobile casino site is the best?

There are hundreds and hundreds of mobile slots and games casinos to choose from today. This is only a positive for the gambler, at is they who have the power to pick and choose where to spend their money. We would advise that people shop around for a casino website that suits them down to the ground, as there are several factors to consider, even if these casinos can tend to look similar. Some casinos have themes of their own, so if you have a particular interest, explore what mobile casinos might be tailored to you. Better still, if there is a form of online gambling that you especially enjoy, make sure that your prospective online casino provides it. For examples, those who love sports betting will want to make sure their mobile casino of choice has everything that it could possibly offer in the sports department. Bet365 for example has so many different sports to choose from, with incredibly detailed bets for each and every match, game, test or fight happening. In play markets are also a must for any sports betting fan. Elsewhere, those who get a kick out of online slot games will want a casino provider that offers a great selection of slots. Slots Baby would be a great place to start for any mobile gambler who wants to play slots, what with their amazing selection of online slot games from some of the most revered developers in the industry.

Microgaming, NetEnt and other renowned brands develop slot game titles that Slots Baby host, all tied together with a swinging 1960s aesthetic that is simply groovy. So as you can see, your choice of mobile casino can truly reflect your interests, your gambling habits and more. But another factor in choosing an online mobile casino should be what welcome offers and bonuses are up for grabs.

What is a welcome bonus?

Welcome bonuses and new customer sign up offers are a crucial part of the modern online casino industry, be you a mobile gambler or not. These offers are exclusive to new customers to the casinos who offer them, and they are used as a way of enticing in new players and beating rival casinos to new customers. There are so many different kinds of offers and once again, the power is in the hands of the gambler. It is the gambler who gets to shop around choose where they spend their money, so be sure to check what casinos are offering the best welcome offers and sign up bonuses. Such offers can include free bets, free spins on online slot games and other perks which will help you get off to a good start with your mobile betting. There are websites dedicated to comparing these sign up offers and they are a great place to start if you want to compare what welcome offers and sign up bonuses are available to you. We always encourage people to read the full terms and conditions of each offer, as they can often be more complicated than they seem at first. However, they are almost always an advantage for the gambler so do not be afraid to try a couple of them out before deciding where and when to place your bets.

What ways to gamble are there?

As mentioned, there has never been as many ways to gamble online as there is now in this thriving, colourful era for online casino. Online poker was one of the first ways to bet online that emerged and this is an industry of its own, going strong to the point that some of the biggest names in poker play online as a career. Elsewhere, away from professional gambling, there are lots of online casino classics to enjoy. From blackjack and roulette to modern adaptions of card game classics that are in their natural element on your smartphone, you are truly spoilt for choice. Add to this the number of sports betting possibilities that exist - even for the Premier League alone - and you realise to what extent the gambling world has expanded and explained online compared to those early days. One very popular way of betting online is via an online slot game or online video slot machine. These are the natural next step from the brick and mortar slot machines that you will still find in pubs, casinos and elsewhere still today. Online though, they are a whole different beast. 3D graphics and ambitious animations are now the norms, as the modern online slot game now relies on characters and narratives that you would typically associate with a game that has for more detailed gameplay than just a set of reels.

But this shows just how far they have come. Slot games will appear now in any theme you can imagine and there is still very much room for the retro and classic slot games, too, for those who want a dose of nostalgia even on the technological modern marvel that is your handheld smartphone device.

Some of the best online slot games

If mobile slot games sound like something you want to explore in more detail, we have highlighted some great online slot games that are very popular amongst the online gaming community. From a range of developers and covering a range of themes, layouts and gameplay styles, we have selected some of our personal favourite online slots.

Penguin City

Yggdrasil will be a name that comes up regularly should you decide to play more and more online slot games. They are one of the most prolific and quite frankly brilliant developers of online slot games in the modern mobile gaming industry. They are known for their stunning graphics and a great sense of humour, both of which come across in this slot game, Penguin City. Set in an urban China Town environment, inhabited by penguins, the game is fast-paced and action-packed. The characters are all well designed and have plenty of personalities as you will surely learn while you try and line ups symbols on the reels. Playable on mobile and brilliantly optimised for the platform, Penguin City is visually fantastic and the gameplay flows in a manner which all good online slot games should.

Starburst logo slot

Starburst Slot UK

This online slots game was released in 2011, just as the interest in mobile gambling was really kicking off. As such, it’s timely release helped establish Starburst as something of a cult classic. Although it is now considered to be one of the older slot games out there, it is widely regarded as one of the best around and thousands of people still spin it reels every single day. In many ways, Starburst combines the old with the new. The graphics are super slick and animations run smoothly on mobile, desktop and tablet. It is also has a space-age look and feel but, with old fashioned fruit at the focal point in a space-age meets fruit machine aesthetic. This is a classic, no doubt about that and it really excels on the small screen of a mobile. Join & Spin!

Rainbow Riches

There are so many Irish themed slot games but one series stands out as the best of the lot. Rainbow Riches has been running since being an offline, land-based slot machine of the same name, developed and created by the legendary Barcrest. The leprechaun characters and pots of golds have evolved with each new game and you will rarely find a series of slot games with as many dedicated fans as Rainbow Riches. Typically packed with bonus features and ways to win, this Irish themed slot game is much loved for good reason and the series has so many different titles within it. If you like playing bonus features on your mobile slots, try out Rainbow Riches: Pick n Mix, which combines several bonus rounds and extras in one legendary slot game.

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