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NHS Clinic for Gamblers Open in the UK North East

NHS Clinic for Gamblers Open in the UK North East

The Rise of Gambling Addiction

With the increase of gambling addiction rising, it seems that there needs to be new and increased ways in which this crisis can be tackled in all areas of the UK. The North East is renowned for being underfunded but it has been recognised that an NHS Clinic to assist people with gambling addiction would be an incredibly worthwhile use of funds.

Due to this, a new NHS facility has teamed up with GambleAware and the Northern Gambling Service to act as an accessible point of help for people who are suffering and struggling with gambling or gaming addiction. With over 2.5 million people across the UK having been recorded as having some kind of gambling problem or addiction, it is necessary that action is taken to prevent a national crisis from occurring long term.

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Gambling Addiction in the UK

Gambling addiction is becoming increasingly common in the UK though there are specific socio-economic groups more at risk, who are playing a number of casino games from slots to roulette. The young, black male is more likely to develop an issue with gambling than an older, white woman for instance. Being out of work, being between the ages of 25 and 34, and being from low-income households can all increase the likelihood of gambling addiction occurring.

There are thousands of people living with addiction in the UK and the results can often be devastating both for the individual themselves and for their loved ones. There is a range of problems which can all come from having a gambling addiction and these can include the obvious such as serious debt and homelessness, to the less obvious, such as a decline in mental health, the breakdown of relationships and it can even result is suicide. These factors are often, sadly, overlooked, but are increasing in their frequency. It has been made more than clear that Britain needs help with its connection to gambling before it gets completely out of hand.

North East England Help for Problem Gamblers

There is now help at hand for those living in the North East of England, where the unemployment levels are high which could be one of the reasons as to why it is so common in these parts for gambling addiction to be rife. Sunderland has now got its very own gambling addiction clinic which not only hopes to help those will gambling-related issues but also with other mental health conditions, which can be complex and may have been left untreated due to lack of funding or government cuts.

The team behind at the new Sunderland clinic will be providing free services and treatment to help the people who need their assistance and they have teamed up with the next nearest UK gambling addiction clinic which is held in Leeds. Not only will addicts themselves be able to go to the clinic to receive support but their family members will be able to attend groups for assistance, too. This will be of great advantage to the mental health of many more people in Sunderland and the surrounding areas of the North East of England.

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Why are Gambling Clinics needed?

Gambling clinics are needed across the UK because the number of addiction cases are rising every year. This is thought to be linked to the number of people now playing games and placing bets online due to its ease, convenience and constant accessibility. The internet has been remarkable for many things and has certainly enabled the gambling and gaming industries to evolve, but it has been the reason why addiction has increased at such a rapid rate. There is no play cut-off time, no time where players have to cease playing, no one to keep their eyes peeled on players who may be playing too much, for too long or with too much of their hard-earned cash.

It is important that there are accessible clinics all over the UK so that anyone who needs help can gain help. When gambling addicts are at their lowest, they become the prey of the gambling or gaming world and they lose complete control over what they are doing. They are unable to stop themselves from placing more bets, more frequently and for larger quantities because they need to be able to gain a buzz for themselves as some sort of kick. This is due to the fact that gambling addicts need to keep increasing their bets as they need to keep increasing the buzz they get from the game so that they gain the same dopamine levels as they would previously have done with lower bet levels.

Free NHS Gamblers Clinic

The NHS provides free clinics for gambling addicts for various reasons, but the main reason that it is free is due to the fact that the worst-case scenarios have bankrupted themselves as have literally no funds to pay for any sort of treatment. Treatment is needed and the issue of gambling addiction cannot be ignored because there are many cases where it is hugely severe and can, in many cases, result in suicide.

Problem Gambling help line

There have been many positive stories of people using the free NHS gamblers clinics, where immediate assistance and more long term help is provided to help addicts deal with the root causes as to why they became addicted to gambling in the first place. For many, this is deep-rooted and take long periods of time to process, but this, in return, is lifesaving.

Not only are lives saved but families, relationships, business and jobs are saved in the process too because many of these are badly impacted when gambling gets out of control. With addicts being able to regain control better and faster, the NHS gamblers clinic should be supported in every possible way as it makes such huge differences to individual lives, families and communities. Finding alternative ways for people to deal with their issues is just the tip of the iceberg but it seems as is Sunderland NHS Gamblers Clinic are on the right path to help addicts change their lives around already. To play online for no cost, check our Starburst free spins offer!