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Online Casino Bonuses No Deposit Required

No Deposits

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Online casinos offer a huge plethora of different registration bonuses to try and bring us into the fold and join their casino. Many of them do it without asking for anything from us other than a few details. So let us take a look what is actually on offer in the form of online casino bonus no deposit offers.

No Deposit Bonus Offers 2021

Though there are plenty of offers there are some that are seen more than others, we will take a look at the most popular of offers. Some of these might come in the form of online casino bonus codes no deposit, so you might need to be prepared!

Deposit £10 to Get Free Spins

Free Spins No Deposit

Free spins are a way to be able to play free slots games without using any money; they are essentially tokenised free money. We will be given a set amount ranging from anywhere between 10 to 200 Free spins – the industry standard value per spin is £0.10, any lower than this and our effort to make some risk free money can be made futile.

Bonus Cash without deposit

Another offer that is very common to be seen is bonus cash. This can also be used on online slot games, though this also has a much greater breadth of versatility. Meaning we can also play most other games that the given online casino has to offer. This is a great welcome bonus to take advantage of if we enjoy playing more than slot games, such as table games or live games. Though do look out for potential restriction on which games we are able to play.

Loyalty Bonuses No Deposit Required

One bonus which is slightly different from the others in the intention of its design is loyalty bonuses. These are not designed to entice us to join, but are made to keep us playing with them. The aim of this is to create incentive to stay with that one provider and use their online casino, making deposits and playing all the games they have to offer.

This bonus will usually be seen in the form of the bonuses we have already talked about. We will receive additional free spins or bonus money for having stayed with them. The release of these bonuses are usually orientated around time based milestones, so when we have been signed up for 3 months, we may be given a batch of free spins.

It also have the chance to bring players who have moved to other providers the reminder that the casino still exists and works as a way to bring  us back into the fold with that online casino.

Things to Consider when Claiming No Deposit Bonuses

With all these great deals, there are still certain things to keep an eye out for. We all know the old adage, nothing is for free. But seemingly these deals are… Let us take a look at what the true exchange we make is and what methods we can see online casinos making to quietly shift the balance in their favour.

Firstly, the aim of getting people to sign up, with free deals or not is to eventually have them risk real money, giving the casino a chance to not simply just lose money and eventually go bankrupt. That is the exchange they are hoping for us to make.

With these great bonuses the things to look out for that can make them somewhat useless are the restrictions in the terms and conditions. The main ones to look out for are as follows

  • Game Restrictions
    • With Free spins and bonus cash, we will often see game restrictions – this is not a huge issue though it is good to know which games you are able to play as they may be games we would rather avoid due to bad game play or particularly bad RTP or volatility.
  • Wager Requirements
    • Another major thing to look out for is wager requirements. These can make or break our chances of being able to make real money. They will require us to have met a total stake amount over our time playing with them before we are able to withdraw our winnings from our accounts, too high and it can be nearly impossible to actually have anything to withdraw, which makes us want to invest our own money to be able to meet these requirements.

Spending less, making more

So we know what offers are on the table and we know what things we should be looking out for to ensure their value is what it seems. The next thing to do, to get the best of both worlds is to find offers that combine both free spins and bonus cash as this will mitigate most of the issues that we find with either one.