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Pay by phone casino is a great innovation that has been gaining popularity of the last few years as it stream lines our ability to make payments. Not only is it used in the gambling world with online casinos, but it has also taken a serious hold across the gaming world as a whole along with a collection of other industries such as the financial sector and other service payments.

Who is Boku Phone Provider?

Boku is a mobile  carrier billing third party service, this company was founded in 2009 who provide their services for companies such as Facebook, Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment and PlayStation. With such an impressive roster of respectable companies, we know they mean business and that they do their service to a top class, professional standard. On top of that, there are a serious number of normal people like us trust them to do their service, earning an impressive 2 million new users in April 202 alone!

With all of this, they have clearly established themselves as one of the industry leaders in this new technological advancement. And they are anything but complacent with maintaining on the cutting edge with regards to our security. They use streamlined methods to create safer ways of using their service to prevent hackers from being able to steal our data or money through their service.

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What are Pay By Phone Casinos?

Some of us might be wondering what exactly a pay by phone casino uk is. Essentially, they are online casinos that use third party services such as Boku to enable us to pair our casino accounts with our mobile providers. This means that when we decide to make a deposit to our online casino of choice, we are able to do it really quickly without any annoying steps like putting in our bank details. And the deposited amount will be added to our phone bill at the end of the month.

How to Setup A Pay By Phone Payment Method

The setup process might change slightly depending which third party service is being used, but they are by and large the same sets and information that we need to provide, so let us take a look at what steps these are. Just before we go through it, this process is specifically for mobile phones, however it is possible to tie these to landlines instead, it is just significantly less common practise.

The Setup steps that allow punters to access free slots online are as follows:

  1. Choose an Online Casino and register with your details
  2. Then, Go to the chosen online casinos payment page
  3. After this, Select Pay by Phone Option and choose the desired amount to deposit
  4. Now, enter in the number (mobile or landline) that is going to pay the deposit
  5. We will then receive a unique verification code to make sure we are in possession of the phone – Enter this code into the online casinos website.
  6. We will receive a confirmation code and the chosen amount will be added to your phone bill at the end of the month.


Whilst this great technology is fantastic for many of us to use and play slot games, there are certain limitations that can mean it may be impractical for some to use. The main limitation that there is with pay by phone services is that there is £30 per day limit. This will mean that some people will use the traditional payment methods, but for those of us who are on the fence. Bare in my mind why this limit is in place.

It is here solely for our protection, for instance, if our phone was stolen, the most that someone could steal through this method would be limited to £30 which, whilst no one wants to lose any money. It is much better than hundreds or worse!

Another potentially frustrating element of the daily deposit limit is that it could mean that we are unable to fully realise some deposit bonus offers that an online casino is giving. With a Deposit match bonus scheme being ran or a loyalty bonus that we are entitled to.

Can We Withdraw Winnings By Phone?

We can use our mobile devices to withdraw money, unfortunately though, a third party service that provides pay by phone services only offer billing services. To withdraw winnings we will have to use other methods, there are a few different methods that we have at our disposal.

They are as follows:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cypto
    • Bitcoin
    • Litecoin
  • Online Banks Like Skrill or Neteller