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Pay by phone casinos are growing more and more popular due to the increase in people using mobile casinos, because of that there has been a swell in the different companies that provide this great service. Online casino will usually work exclusively with a single pay by phone provider. Boku is one of the more established providers.

Whilst there are some serious bonuses to using the phone casinos services, there are also some heavy security risks to be considered, but first we need to understand how it works to be able to understand the downfalls. Play on Star or learn more now below.

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What Are Pay By Phone Casinos

Pay by phone casinos are online casinos that allow us to make deposits via our phone bills.

However, this service is not exclusive to casinos! Pay by phone services are available for all kinds of different things. The whole purpose is to make the often tedious process of paying for things easier.

Who wants payments to be difficult? No one! Because of this, the entire business sector has jumped on this technological advancement. We can see it used nearly everywhere if we take the time to look out for the service. From in app purchases on mobile games to services allowing us to send money to other people.

Pay by phone services work by using third party services. These pay by phone providers act as middle men to charge our desired deposit amount into our online casino accounts and then when our mobile phone bill comes up, the amount that we have totalled over that period is added to our bill.

Having this service means that we are easily able to pay for things online without having to have or use a bank account in to order to play the UK's best slot games!

Another great thing for us online casino players is that more often than not, there are no deposit charges. This means that we able to put more of our money into the games that we want to play!

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What are the downsides to boku casinos?

The biggest issue that excludes the higher rollers among us from being able to take advantage of pay by phone casinos is the £30 daily limit imposed for security purposes.

Who Are Boku Phone Providers?

Boku are one of the biggest players in the pay by phone service world. Because of that they have garnered a list of seriously big companies that use their service.

Here are some of the companies they provide services to:

·        Google

·        Apple

·        Facebook

·        Spotify

·        PlayStation

·        Blizzard

·        Microsoft

·        Xbox


They have a big focus on making payments easy and ensuring that the transactions are done securely. Though there are a few reason to want to use a provider that is not boku, there are also plenty of reason why we might want to. They are well established and we are able to use their services on the following mobile providers:

  • O2
  • Virgin
  • EE
  • Three
  • Vodafone

They also provide us with the ability to pre-pay into a wallet for ease of use.

One thing that could be a dink in the armour of Boku is that if we would like to tie our payments to a landline then we have to be a customer of BT.

Are Not Boku Pay By Phone Services Safe?

The level of safety will depend drastically between each individual provider and the specific security checks they put in place for us to be able to verify that we are actually the ones who are wanting to make the payments. Some are more safe than others, so it is important to do independent research into any potential provider before signing up to use their service.

That being said, by and large most providers are secure – it is unlikely that mobile companies will agree to sign up with un-reputable companies, but remember, it is not impossible.

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Not Boku Pay By Phone Service Providers

For those of us who want to use a provider that is not boku then thankfully, there are plenty of providers still out there to use! Here are a list of the different providers and the different ways that they work.

Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile use a 3 step process with a simple verification system and the biggest benefit that they claim is it that there is no need to download any apps to make it work.

For any casino that uses siru mobile, the process is simple. Once we have decided that amount that we would like to deposit, we will receive a number to call. After ringing that number we are all done.

The bill will be added to our monthly phone bill. One of the downsides with Siru is that they are signed up with less carriers that Boku, though for those of us that are determined to use a service that is not Boku then Siru Mobile is a great option.


Payforit is a bit of an interesting provider who are currently in a little bit of hot water due to a lapse in their ability to make their service secure. If we take the time to do a quick search of their company name, we are inundated with “Payforit Scam” headlines, payforit is not a scam, but there have been some pretty serious issues of scammers exploiting there service.

The reason their service was exploited is because the verification system is far too simple. All that we would have to do is to press a single button. This means that scammers and hackers and using javascript (a web programming language) to exploit this weakness and falsely confirm subscribed payments.

This being said, Payforit is a wholly legitimate service and when used with trusted services is safe to use.


Zimpler is a little bit of an odd system, to use their service, we have to have a bank account. It is not pay by phone in the way we have discussed so far. They offer a service where we are able to streamline the transaction from our bank accounts to the online casino we would like to use. This does mean that it will not be suitable for everyone,  but they are a respectable company and offer a great service to aid us in getting money into our casino accounts quickly!

Downside of Most Pay by Phone Services

Whilst the advent of being able to use pay by phone for casinos as well as so much more, it does not mean that it is without any downsides or dangers. Not even Boku are impervious to the biggest potential issue that stands in the way of our financial safety.

The biggest issues facing all of these services is mobile phone theft.

If we have our phones stolen, then the new ‘owner’, once they get past any password we have set on the phone will have free reign over Boku, this is the biggest reason to use a service that is not boku.

Whilst the odds of this occurring are relatively low, it is still something to keep in mind, just the same as contactless payments.

The Solution

We all know how important security is, especially when it comes to our money. Insecure money might as well be money thrown away. We already take risk with gambling – it makes no sense to take a risk that holds no reward at all, unless it is considered a reward to be able to not have our money stolen.

Whilst there is no sure fire way to keep our money or anything in life safe. Boku are one of the most secure, but we are still vulnerable in this way. One great solution to this security issue is to use Paypal. There is no requirement to have a bank account, their service is big enough and well respected enough to stand as testament to their focus on security – people usually will avoid putting their money in place that are dangerous to store them. They also understand that not everything is perfect, sometimes fraud occurs, because of that they have a dedicated team to assist us in resolving any issues that might have arisen.

Although Paypal is not a “Pay by Phone” service it is a great, secure and trusted provider.

For those of us out there who are solely looking to use pay by phone services though, the most established and best provider out there is Boku.

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Other Casino Payment Methods Not Boku

If it’s not Boku and it’s not Paypal, then what other methods have we got at our disposal to be able to get funds into our accounts?

Luckily it is any online casinos main priority to ensure that we have an easy time of getting money into accounts. Because of this there is a plethora of different payment methods for us to be able to take make use of, so let us take a look at what other options are available to us.  We have the options of using Netller, Skrill, PaysafeCard or even an option that is becoming more and more popular with its seemingly endless increase in value, bitcoin!