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What is Pay by Phone Casino?

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As technology advances, people are able to use that infrastructure to bring us superb innovations. These innovations first brought us mobile play free slots games, allowing us to play wherever we could think of.

One of the biggest issues with this was needing to top up while we were away from our computers. Thankfully, a couple of different companies set out to solve this solution.

From this, the whole world got a step forward and this technology has helped online casinos streamline our ability to top up our gambling accounts with the pay with your phone casino.

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What is Pay by Phone Casino?

So what exactly are Pay by phone casinos?

Before we can answer that, we have to talk about what the pay by phone service itself is. As we’ve said, it is a streamlined way to top up our casino accounts, but how does this system work?

When the tech industry realised this issue was present, third party companies got together to create a system where anybody with a mobile phone or landline would be able to pay for products and services online.

The way this work is that we tether our mobile or landline which enables players to pay by phone bill or with phone credit in the UK.

The way it works is that players sign up with these third-party companies that will verify our mobile numbers. Over the course of the month any payments we wish to make with that provider will be verified with us and then made, when the billing period for our mobile devices comes to an end, the additional payments will be added to the bill.

With this, it’s pretty easy to answer the question of “What is a pay by phone casino”?

Simply, the answer is an online casino that gives us the ability to use this technology.

Pay By Phone Providers

There are quite a lot of different companies that offer players this service. The main company in the UK that provides pay by phone services is Boku, however there are a few others, each with their own slightly different way of implementing security.

Boku was one of the first companies to start offering this service and because of that they have a hold over the wider industries that offer us the ability to pay by phone bills. They provide this service to big named companies like Google, Facebook Microsoft, Spotify, and Apple as well as gaming companies like Xbox, PlayStation and Blizzard. Not to mention the long list of financial services companies they work for too!

This long list of companies is testament to the high quality pay by phone service that they offer, that being said, there are more pay by phone casino not boku providers out there such as Zimpler, Siru Mobile, PayForIt.

Is it Possible to Deposit Using My Phone Bill?

These companies also offer this service to online and mobile casinos, which gives us the ability to avoid the tedious rigmarole of entering in all of our details to be able to top up our casino accounts, meaning that we can spend more time actually playing UK slot games and enjoying our time.

Although this service is growing in popularity and becoming more widely available, it is important to check that the online casino that we want to use offers this service as not all of them do.

Once we have checked that the casino offers the ability to pay by phone bill, the process of setting up the service is really simple!

  1. After finding our pay by phone casino of choice, we first want to verify that they are fully licenced operator in the UK.
  2. Once we have verified that the mobile casino is a legitimate company, we need to get signed up as registered players.
  • This usually means entering the following details.
    • Name
    • Address
    • Postcode
    • Email
    • Account Password
    • Mobile Number
  1. Now that we are registered, we want to head over to the deposit/payment section. Here we will see a few different options to choose between to make our deposits. Obviously, we want to select the pay by phone option.
  2. With this option selected, we then have enter in the amount we would like to deposit. It is important to not that there is a daily deposit limit of £30.
  • This £30 cap is implemented as a security measure, while it might make the big cats out there choose a different option, it is good that companies have our safety at heart.
  1. After the deposit request has been processed, we will receive a verification message on the tethered mobile phone containing a unique verification code. Enter that code into our online casino.
  2. Everything is finished! At the end of our tethered devices billing period, the set amount will be added to the bill.

In addition to the the £30 deposit limit there is one other minor restriction that is worth keeping in mind. Whilst there aren’t many, there are some mobile providers that are not compatible with pay by phone services.

For this reason, here is a list of providers that are:

  • Three
  • O2
  • EE
  • Vodafone
  • Virgin

Other Deposit Methods

Even though it is still a reletievly new service, there are always different ways to be able to get money into our accounts.

At the moment, one method that has particularly stolen the spot light is using crypto currencies, as the world of finance develops, we see more and more of the world convert to being crypto compatible. This move is a sign of a shift in financial eras.

Only recently there was a huge portion of gamblers who withdrawing their winnings via bitcoin due to the huge spike in value.

On top of crypto currencies, we are also able to use the following deposit methods.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Netller
  • Skrill
  • PaysafeCard

Can I Withdraw Funds Using My Phone?

Here we find ourselves at the biggest downside of pay by phone deposits. Unfortunately, this service only works one way, we are not able to withdraw money with this method as it is simply a billing service rather than a banking service.

Whilst this might be a little frustrating, that doesn’t mean we are unable to withdraw our winnings through our mobile devices.

We just have to use a different service. The list above, is actually a great example of a few different services that will allow us withdraw our funds.

That being said, a lot of services will make charges if they are depositing to banks. A great way to circumvent these charges is to use online banks such as Paypal, Skrill or Netller as well as crypto currencies.

Players should always do their own due diligence, but most online casinos don’t charge for withdrawals through these services.

What Problems We Can Face

We have lightly touched on the shortcomings that deposit by phone services can have, but let us clearly layout the issues that we can face with this service.

  • Daily limit of £30 deposits
    • Not only can this be annoying for those of us are used to making large deposits, but another issue this can cause is that it can restrict users from being able to take full advantage of deposit bonuses.
  • No Withdrawal
    • Unfortunately, this simply is not in the scope of the service that pay by phone providers are able to offer, that being said Boku have been making developments in this area, so it could change!
  • It can be easy to lose track of how much has been deposited. With there being the potential of a whole month before we receive the bill for our deposits, it can be easy to let the deposits build up without even realising.

Are Pay By Mobile Casinos Safe?

The pay by phone services, as we have discussed has implemented things to ensure our security such as the £30 daily deposit limit.

Security is incredibly important for both us the users and the company – if they lost our money of no fault of our owns, they would be liable for the losses.

One great thing is that the nature of the pay by phone system makes it fairly secure – to be able to withdraw money, we have to physically have our mobile device. Whilst 99% of the time this is a great security asset, it is also the services biggest flaw.

If we lose, or have our mobile devices stolen, then the potential for malcontents to misuse this service and spend our money is much higher. Whilst this might be a little worrying for some, the risk is arguably less than having a contactless bank card stolen and stolen from.

Ways we can help avoid the increased risk of having money stolen from us in this situation is to make sure that we keep our mobile devices operating systems updated – most phones will do this automatically, but a lot of people will often repeatedly postpone device updates, don’t be one of these people.

The other thing we can do to protect us is to make sure that we have complex passwords on our mobile device, this can either be long-form passwords that use multiple character types or perhaps a fingerprint, if the device allows for it.

Provided we take the necessary steps, pay by phone mobile deposits are incredibly safe, so stay vigilant and do your part to protect your safety with the knowledge that the service provider is doing the same thing.