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Pay by phone casinos are a great innovation to make it easier for us to be able to get cash deposited into our casino accounts so that we can play our favourite games and be in for the chance to win some real winnings!

How exactly does a phone casino work?

We are now able to tie our online casino accounts to a phone so that we no longer have to pay directly from our bank accounts. This means that we can avoid the annoying set up required of entering our bank details into our provider each time and then waiting for the transaction to go through for us to then be able to get into the myriad of free slot games that are on offer.

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How Do We Set Pay By Phone Systems Up?

Once we have decided which online casino we want to use we then have to get set up with the third party provider and then link that to a phone to which we are the bill payer.

Now that we have the preliminary things sorted out, we need to go to the payment page of the chosen online casino that we want to use. Here we will see a selection of different deposit methods. Select Pay by Phone method, these will be specific providers like pay by phone casino boku or Payforit.

  1. Select the amount that we would like to deposit and enter the phone number you would like to pay from.
  2. Once this is processed we will receive a text message with a unique code. Input this number into the casinos website. After this has gone through we will get a confirmation text to let us know the deposit has gone through.
  3. When the chosen phone bill is next processed, the deposited value will be added to the bill.

Restrictions with this Payment Method

In the UK there is a restriction of £30 per day when using pay by phone casinos, this may be annoying and mean that some people will opt to use services that have less or no restrictions on the amount that we can deposit at any given time. However, this is done for our own safety. This prevents us from both accidently inputting more money than we intended to – having £30 become £300 could be seriously distressing!

Also, a much less likely scenario. It acts as a measure to protect our money from would be hackers meaning we can rest easy knowing that our money is safe in our bank accounts.

One potential big negative to the £30 per day limit is that it can mean that we are not able to take full advantage of some of the deposit matching bonuses that are offered on sign ups or as a part of loyalty bonus schemes. If there is a 100% deposit match bonus being offered and we are only able to deposit £30, but the cap was £100, there is £70 of free money to play with that we are unable to get our hands on. Unfortunately, this is the price that we pay for our safety.

As these deals tend to only be on sign up or irregularly offered, it would not be the worst scenario to have to switch to a normal payment method to be able to take full advantage of the bonus offers provided and then revert back to using pay by phone services afterwards.

Why should we change pay by phone methods?

One of the great things about using pay by phone deposit systems is that most online casinos do not apply charges to this method, meaning that we can save ourselves a lot of money over the long run in ever building transaction fees. Make sure to check this with the specific casino as this is not universal.

Another great thing about pay by phone casinos is that we shouldn’t be required to hand over our bank details for withdrawal which gives us an additional level of protection against the anonymous malcontent.

Whilst we can miss out on some bonuses, some casinos offer specific bonuses for pay by phone casino users.

Can I Make Withdrawals to my phone bill?

So, we have deposited our money, we have played slots games and now we want to withdraw our winnings so we can treat ourselves. Unfortunately, it is not possible to be able to use the phone method to withdraw this money. We do not have bank accounts attached to our phones, only billing systems. Therefore, we have to use the standard withdrawal methods that have been provided to us.