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Progressive Jackpots: Explained

If you are yet to realise already, there are some huge wins to be made in the world of online slot games.

The jackpots being won on online slot games and video slot machines just seem to grow and grow, with eye-watering amounts of money being won. There has never been more people playing online slot games and as such, there has never been a better time to be playing them, what with the amazing amount of choice. On that note, neither has there ever been a better time to hit a jackpot, especially with the prominence of progressive jackpots in the modern online casino. While there are a couple of jackpot styles, the progressive jackpot seems to be all the rage right now. Slot games with a progressive jackpot are making the news thanks to their ability to make people into millionaires with a few simple spins of some reels. In the UK, millions of pounds have been won on the humble slot machine, causing many people yet to benefit from these games to ask, what is a progressive jackpot, anyway?

Types of jackpot

Within online gambling games, specifically within free spins slot games played online, there are two main types of the jackpot. Both can be big cash wins and most certainly make your time spent playing slots online worthwhile - not that the amazing narratives and graphics don’t already when playing a video slot. However, one of these jackpots has the potential to be far bigger due to the collective, interactive way in which the jackpot total is calculated. You will learn more about this in this article, as we explain progressive jackpots in single terms and point out some games which use this method of gameplay. 

Fixed jackpot 

But first, we take a look at the classic jackpot style. The fixed jackpot is what you would have found on slots and games machines up and down the country before the online slot game well and truly took off. Very much the classic format for a slot game, a fixed jackpot slot is a slot game which has a set amount as the top cash prize. These can be big amounts, with multipliers to cash prizes going up to huge amounts these days online, meaning that players can win hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands by playing fixed jackpot slots online. The traditional format for a jackpot in many ways, there are still plenty of new games being made which use this tried and tested method. Most fixed jackpots are not affected by any other game being played online and for the most part, all elements of the random number generator used to make the game and the return to player percentage, rely solely on what happens between the player and the online video slot. Simple.

Also, hitting the jackpot on a fixed jackpot tends to be more likely than on a progressive slot as a result of how it works. But, as we will now explain, there are a lot of things to like about progressive jackpots, too.

Progressive jackpot 

A progressive jackpot is very much the opposite of a fixed jackpot in simple terms. Where a fixed jackpot will never change, the progressive jackpot style sees the jackpot amount rise as the player gambles along, spinning reel after reel. Every time the player bets, the jackpot rises, creating a really interesting narrative to the game that will have you with one eye on the reels and one eye on that magic number. Also, progressive jackpots tend to be exclusively for the online slot gamer, making them truly a part of the make up of the modern online casino industry rather than the classic style that we mentioned earlier, the fixed jackpot. The online nature of progressive jackpots make them quite an interactive play, often with an interlinked jackpot with other games being played on the same online casino server. When this is the case, all bets being made on a certain online slot game or on a certain server provided by your online casino effect the jackpot. Essentially, you and slot game players from all around the country or even the world are competing for the same kitty. Of course, this makes the likelihood of you winning that stake in the middle all the more unlikely but, crucially, the result of this collective jackpot makes for some huge jackpot wins. From a humble bet, you could win millions of pounds, depending on what game you are playing and at one time. A relatively new sensation in the online casino, the progressive jackpot has quickly become immensely popular thanks to the amounts of money that can be won and how simple they are to play. If you are looking to get into some progressive jackpot slot games, here are some to try. 

Jackpot Feature

Mega Moolah Progressive

With many online slot games with progressive jackpots, the clue is in the name. Mega Moolah can indeed dish out some Mega Moolah. This game actually shot to fame when a UK gambler netted over £13 million pounds from one game. Wow.

Mega Fortune Slots

Again, NetEnt’s Mega Fortune is called as such because it can provide some huge wins. The progressive jackpot provides the main narrative of the game, but other bonus features keep you on your toes in a popular slot.

Welcome offers

If you are new to the world of progressive jackpots or new to online slots in general, be sure to make the most of the good welcome offers and bonuses that are out there right now. At some casinos, welcome offers will include the chance to get some free spins. Look out for ones that work on online casino slot games with a progressive jackpot and you will instantly be able to join the fun at no extra cost. Welcome offers are a great way to try out new casinos and new games, so be sure to have a shop around for a good welcome offer that suits you and your slot game needs.

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