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Slot Games to try

Slot Games to try

The online gambling world does not stop. Constantly evolving and innovating, the online casino industry iOS absolutely thriving right now. More people are playing online slot games than ever before and there are online casinos. And online games to choose from. One particular format that you will find thriving in 2019, is that of the online slot game. The modern version of the old fashioned fruit machine or pokie as they are sometimes affectionately known, the online slot game packs all the classic fun of a pub-based, bar-hosted, or chip shop-residing fruit machine and puts it into a whole new world online. Amazing graphics, new layouts, ambitious themes and games with a genuine narrative are the result of this modern influx of online slot games.

Thanks to the number of online casinos out there providing great selections of online slot games, the demand for new slot game titles is very high. Fortunately, some really talented people, brands and companies work in this field and regularly develop top-notch, high-quality slot games that people love to play. In this article, we are looking at some of the best new slots of 2020. Taking into consideration games from various developers and across several different weird and wonderful themes, we will touch on a varied selection of new slots. Suitable for gamers and gamblers of all skill levels and budgets, there is plenty to enjoy about the world of online slot games and that is expressed in this selection of new titles - with free spins.

Starburst Slots Gameplay

Golden Jungle Grand Slot Game

The first of our new slots to try in 2019 will take you right into the very heart of the jungle. Great graphics and vivid imagery will make you feel like you are right there amongst the trees and the animals in Golden Jungle Grand. This slot game has 5 reels and an impressive 75 pay lines, making for several ways to win. So it is important to keep your eyes on the reels of this rather engaging and brilliantly designed online slot game. The tiger is the most prevalent of all the animals involved in Golden Jungle Grand, sitting right in the middle of the reels and looking the player right in the eyes while they take their spins. The jungle theme continues with all the symbols on offer and land the right ones, and you might just trigger a very prosperous free spins mode. This mode will offer some spins that cost you no extra wagers and have added benefits of multipliers, too. 

This slot game I playable across all your major devices, too, making it a slot game that is finely prepared for the thriving 2019 slot game market. Plenty of gold is on show in a slot game that surely deserves gold status.

Book of Pharaoh Video Slot

Even amongst the most recent slot game releases, some classic themes will always reoccur. One such theme is that of ancient Egypt, with the mystery of that particular period in that particular part of the world, never failing to provide inspiration for a slot game, it seems. There are plenty of ancient Egyptian slot games to choose from with some of the most popular titles of all time adhering to the interesting theme. Take Cleopatra for example. A 3D adventure, it shows one way of doing the theme well whereas Book of Pharaoh, a new slot game release for 2019, shows a different way of pulling off the ancient Egyptian theme. The game has a simple layout with just the 5 reels and a look that is more old school than futuristic. In many ways, this fits the theme perfectly, with Book of Pharaoh being more hieroglyphic than a hologram. Released in September 2019, the game has proven to be very popular already, despite operating in what is a crowded field of ancient Egyptian themed slot games. Or should that be a crowded tomb? Anyway, this classic looking slot game offers some bonus features and a rather large top prize of 250,000 credits. So you might just end up enjoying Book of Pharaoh quite a lot.

Subbuteo Slot

One of the best things about the modern online slot game theme is surely the amount of interesting and original themes that pop up from time to time. While the aforementioned theme of Ancient Egypt has been done time and time again, we are yet to have seen a slot game with this particular theme. Subbuteo, the iconic football board game that captured the imagination of young football fans back in the 1970s and 1980s, is back in slot game form. With an amazing theme inspired by the board game who have handed over the official rights to the developers of this slot game, the game is packed with beautiful football references and sound effects.

The crowd noise certainly makes the slot game feel like a spectator sport. 5 reels are on the pitch for you to position into a win and hopefully, you will win more than just three points in this slot game. Amongst the highest paying symbols is a big silver trophy that resembles that of the UEFA Champions League - a trophy certainly worth lining up a few of in a row. But you don’t need to be Real Madrid to do that, you just need a bit of luck on your side as you spin the reels of the Subbuteo slot game. This is another title that is available on all major platforms, meaning that players of a certain age can have a healthy dose of nostalgia that will surely come from Subbuteo, straight from their smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

Ukiyo-E Casino Game

If you find a slot gamer that is as aesthetically pleasing and appealing as this one, then you have done extremely well. Ukiyo-e is a Japanese themed and Japanese designed slot game, inspired by an influential period of Japanese art known as Ukiyo-E. Named after the art form in question, the developers have done a beautiful job of incorporating the works of art into the game itself. Expect the finest details and most gorgeous backdrop to a slot game you have ever seen in this fascinating title. Developed by the company Ganapati, they prove that when it comes to a lot of technology, Japan is certainly a force to be reckoned with. The country has given us some legendary video games over the years as well as art. The great thing about Ukiyo-E is that it combines both.

Truly a work of art that is inspired by work of art. This game could be something of a hipsters’ choice for those who like a bit of culture as they spin the reels of a slot game. This slot game is a little harder to find because it is based in Japan and not all UK casinos offer the title. However, it is well worth seeking out for it’s attention to detail. Right down to the soundtrack, Ukiyo-E is a class act that very few developers will manage to beat before 2019 is done.

Space Stallion Slots

If you are into your original themes, then look no further than this brand new title for December 2019. Space Stallion mixes the Wild West with outer space to create, well, space cowboys and cowgirls. Follow the female lead character in this title as you try and create wins in this mashed-up world between science fiction and a wild western. The graphics, as you would hope for such an ambitious and original theme, are really well done. Animations are smooth, whether you are playing on ground level or up the in atmosphere - 4G connectivity depending, of course. Space Stallion has 40 pay lines to work with, playable across 5 reels, making it somewhat of a classic feeling online slot game, even if the theme is far from traditional. Plenty of theme relevant symbols can be found on the reels with prizes ranging from small to quite frankly enormous. Up to 5000 times, your original stake can be won on Space Stallion, with a jackpot that is truly out of this world… and also a little bit wild.

The game is playable across all major devices so you can expect a fully optimised version of Spade Stallion no matter if you play on your desktop at home or on your smartphone on the bus. A fine example of how a slot game can take you into a whole new world, Space Stallion is a new for 2019 slot game that we rate very highly indeed.

Hottest Fruits 20 Slot

For all of the weird, wonderful and farfetched themes that you can find out there for online slot games, sometimes you simply can’t beat the tried and tested classics. That is the thinking here for Hottest Fruits 20, at least. This game is very good for new gamers looking to play slots online as there are big wins on offer, smart graphics, smooth animations and playability on smartphones, yet is old school in the way it looks and feels. Using fruit as the focal point as the slot games of yesteryear did, Hottest Fruits 20 is a great looking game with a retro charm.5 reels are on offer with up to 20 pay lines should you choose to activate them all. Juicy fruit will emerge on the reels in what is a fairly simple but satisfying slot game. Getting 5 in a row or even more is very good news in this game, which shows why getting your five a day is so crucial.

Wins of up to 100,000 credits are possible on a slot game that perhaps looks more humble than it really is. Hot rod style graphs from the flaming borders are a nice touch, too, creating one of the best looking but most simple slot games of 2019. If you like your slot games to be fruit machines, then look no further than Hottest Fruits 20. That said, two of the best symbols on the reels of this online slot games are not fruit at all. The red 7s are wild in Hottest Fruits 20 and gold star symbol acts as the scatter in this popular release. Betting starts at just 20p and goes up to £100 per spin, making for an accessible slot game for gamblers of all budgets.

Fat Cat Cafe Video Machine

Original theme. Colourful. Food tasty Japanese influence in graphics. Very modern graphics mobile pastry themed doughnuts tarts cakes, 2 and 3000 betting range

Rudolph Awakens Casino Slot Games

You know it is is a magical time of year when you see the festive slot games start to appear, and 2019 is no different in that respect. Towards the back end of the year, expect more and more slot game releases to embrace the Christmas spirit and the festive joy, adding a sense of wellbeing and Christmassy vibes to the reels. Well, that said, this is not your typical Christmas themed slot game. Not one bit.

As part of a long-running series of slot games known as Rudolph vs Santa, Rudolph Awakens is the latest and most thrilling release yet from the festive collection of slot games. Even the featured image of the game is an obvious switch up from the cosy, cuddly, Christmassy game that you might have been expecting. Rudolph Awakens features a red-nosed reindeer smoking a cigar, an elf wielding a flamethrower and Father Christmas is armed, too. It is a really humorous take on a festive slot game this one, as Rudolph Awakens is like a Christmas comedy and horror crossover, of sorts. 30 pay lines and 5 reels are on offer for festive joy, with a snowy backdrop proving some of the visuals for what is a wonderfully well designed and brilliantly written narrative for an online slot games. Available on mobile devices as well as tablet and desktops, this might just be the Christmas game that you never knew you wanted. And you don’t have to wait until the big day to play it, either.