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The State of Gambling in this Century

Gambling Online

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The concept of placing a bet has been around in many different cultures for many different centuries, but gambling is changing as time goes on. The biggest factor to change the gambler is that of gambling online and this has been made possible due to the internet.

The conception of the internet has made so many more things in our lives possible, easier and more obtainable. But has this been a positive thing? For many online gambling lovers, this has been a huge success enabling gamblers all over the world to play games at any time they choose. So, what else has happened this century in the online gambling world?

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Gambling Online is more Inclusive

Original types of gambling saw players attend specific places at certain times to be able to place their bets. This could range from 17th century in Italy with the first known physical casino, or even back as early as the 10th century Chinese cockfighting rings. The pace of life was slower then and entertainment was necessary whatever your class or social status. The traditional casinos in well-known locations made gambling and the gambler more socially acceptable as the centuries went on, in places like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.

But when the internet enabled gambling online and the first online casinos to occur, the more traditional and lesser-known bricks and mortar casinos began to suffer the repercussions. They could not compete with the ease, accessibility and inclusivity that the online gambling services offered, as well as the wide range of gambling slot game, betting levels and fun that could be had online without the gambler having to leave their home in order to participate.

The Gamblers' Payment Methods

When the internet increased the ways in which gambling could occur, there were many other factors it brought with it. Not only did it increase the number of online gambling options, excitement with how many games could be played and the impressive graphics on offer, but there was also something interesting about payment methods too. So that the online gambling casinos could increase the number of players that they could attract, they also wanted to keep at the cutting edge of the financial side of their online gambling businesses.

They did not want their gambling casinos online to be let down by gamblers waiting for their credit to appear or for other transactions to be made in a more traditional method, such as a bank transfer or ringing up to deposit cash directly. This created new payment methods such as PayPal transactions, Neteller and Skrill, just to name a few of the more popular ways in which gamblers and gamers around the world now choose to credit their accounts for fast, safe and secure gaming.

Online Gambling is so Much Better

It did not take long for even the most loyal of bricks and mortar casino advocates to realise that the quality of gambling they could participate in was better if they chose online gambling over traditional casino play. Though different gamblers had different views as to why, the aesthetics are better quality, the range of online gambling games are wider and there is no limitation as to how long you are able to play for.

Getting deeper into the reasons, there are more payment options for deposits and withdrawals, slot games were not the only games that could be played as online gambling for long as the Poker and online gambling casino games became such a big hit and now sports betting is one of the most popular online gambling around on any online gambling casino. The options are endless and that’s why gambling in the 21st century has increased in its popularity so much.

Gambling on Mobile

The real turning point of 21st century online gambling has been that of mobile gaming and sites that allow gamblers to “play as they go”. All that was necessary was some for a device that connected to the internet directly, though the smartphone is the most popular way to connect to mobile online gambling applications.

This has meant that the widest possible number of users has been met, so commuters, travellers, people who stay away from home frequently, parents, students…well, literally anyone is able to participate. Have you joined the huge number of online gambling crowd who have gone mobile yet? If not, check out Star spin slots here.