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Top 5 Tips to Win at Slots Online

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Online slots tips are essential for any new players looking to try their luck. Slot tips can help you get the most out of online slots both financially and in terms of entertainment. However, it is important to recognise that it is not possible to forge a definitive strategy for online slot games. This is because the symbols which appear across the reels of online slots are dictated by a random number generator. So, while online slots are therefore based on luck, there are a number of things the plucky slots enthusiast can do to increase their chances of success. Read more below, or play slots with 500 Starburst free spins today!

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#1 Play Online Slots with High RTP

The first key uk slot game tip involves the Return to Player (RTP) percentage. RTP is a regular feature of online slot game reviews and with good reason. The RTP refers to what percentage of a slot machine’s total income is paid back out to players. For instance, an online slot with a 96% RTP will dish out £96 for every £100 it receives, with the rest being kept by the house. RTP is produced by the developer of a game rather than the casino which hosts the game. Put simply, the higher the RTP is, the more likely you are to win money. However, there are limits to this, as the majority of that 96% could go to one lucky player, leaving the rest of us to fight over the spoils. Nonetheless, it is worth seeking out games which boast a high percentage in order to increase your chances.

#2 Consider the Volatility of an Online Slot

Volatility, often referred to as variance, is often expressed as low or high in online slot reviews. Low volatility slots are games which will pay out regular but smaller wins – ‘little and often’. So, if you are a player who would like to avoid barren spells without a win, a low volatility slot would suit you. Conversely, a high volatility slot offers far fewer regular wins. With a high volatility slot, you could be waiting a while to hit the money but when you do, you are likely to win bigger prizes. Low volatility slots are generally considered a better match for casual players who want to enjoy the feeling of winning regularly. Higher volatility slots may require a larger bankroll which sees you lose some money before landing that big win. However, it is always important to only bet what you can afford to lose, as those big wins are not guaranteed.

#3 Take Advantage of Promotions

Good online slots tips also go broader, beyond the confines of the game itself. For instance, online slot promotions such as 500 free Starburst spins can be found at sites such as Star Slots and are useful to get more from your money. Signing up to an online casino is a golden opportunity to benefit from the offers which are designed to attract your custom. Although some offers come with extensive wagering requirements, many of them nonetheless give you greater opportunities to win from slots. Signing up to a site like Star Slots which offers numerous free spins as part of the Welcome Offer means you have more opportunities to try and land a big win.

#4 Plan your Bankroll Limits

Online slots are only fun so long as you are playing responsibly and only betting what you can afford to lose. Ensuring that you do not lose too much money will allow you to focus on the excitement of those wins, along with the exciting design features of the game itself. A good tip is therefore to create limits for your wins and losses. While some players create more elaborate ways to analyse their wins and losses, it is just as helpful to simply set a limit for yourself for how much you can win or lose in a session. That way, if you reach your win limit you will ensure you hold on to it every time, and if you reach your loss limit, simply stop playing and try again another day, safe in the knowledge your losses are nothing to stress about.

#5 Read Online Slot Reviews

Our final slot tip is to read up on existing articles detailing the pros and cons of a particular online slot game. While sticking to reputable developers and casino sites will go some way to ensuring you only play high quality slots, it is also helpful to read up on a slot before playing to ensure you will get a good time out of it. If a slot game offers poor value or is simply not that fun to play, other players in the community with point this out. Furthermore, reviewers will go into greater detail and often suggest similar but better alternatives.