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Types of Jackpot Slot Games

Types of Jackpot Slot Games

The world of online slot games is undoubtedly an exciting one. Games come in a range of different shapes, sizes and themes, offering all sorts of different bonuses features and extras. They can offer different kinds of jackpots and jackpot sizes. To avoid confusion about what is, after all, the most lusted over part of slots and games, that holy jackpot, we give you the different jackpots of slot games explained. In this article we look at the different jackpots in slot games, touching on the classic style and also the progressive jackpot which, amongst lucky winners at least, is all the rage in the modern online casino. Join Star Slots to win up to 500 free spins on Starburst!

Standalone fixed jackpot

The standalone jackpot is the most simple jackpot of the lot but is no less brilliant to win. Also known as a fixed jackpot, the amount that you can win if you trigger this figure will always be set at the start and probably made clear before you even spin. These tend to be quite low, however, in comparison to the progressive jackpot, at least. Yet, fixed jackpots are usually easier to win. This is the classic format for a slot game and you can expect games with simple gameplay or retro theme to use this timeless jackpot style.

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Standalone progressive jackpot

These jackpots are exclusive to each slot game that you play and to each player playing. The progressive nature comes from the fact that with each bet made, a certain percentage of the bet is added in proportion to the jackpot. The growing jackpot title will likely be showcased on the screen, too, as with progressive jackpot slot games, that growing amount of money provides much of the narrative of the game. The wins from slot games like these tend to quite hard to get, but the journey they provide along the way as you watch that jackpot grow and grow is quite the ride. Because they are harder to win that the aforementioned fixed jackpots, they tend to pay out quote big amounts of money, too, so this is something to consider when playing any progressive jackpot slot game online.

Wide progressive jackpot

This jackpot works similarly to the above jackpot but is not exclusive to one online slot machine or player specifically. Rather, the game is linked up to everyone who plays and the RTP takes into account all who spin the reels of such a jackpot slot. These, as a result of the approach, are more difficult to win. Yet, you have compensated for this reality thanks to the sheer amount of money that can be won playing a slot game with this type of progressive jackpot. You will find these at some of the biggest online casino websites and what’s more, is that there have been cases of people becoming millionaires from such games. The jackpot slot is truly a phenomenon of its own in the online casino industry and it is largely thanks to this kind of wide progressive jackpot being introduced.