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Ways to Win Big at Slots Online

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There are plenty of myths flying around the internet as to how to win at slots, but we want to eradicate the myths associated with how to beat slots and let you in on the real secrets. Find out here how to win slots that you love to play.

Increase your winnings and enhance the number of cash prizes appearing on your screen at the same time as your enjoyment being even greater than normal. But what are the real tricks to beat slots game so that you can win big as you play on the Star Slots site today?

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Never Believe a Win at Slots is Owed

Firstly, let’s removed one of the most popular myths that a win at free slots game occurs when you have been playing a specific slots game for a prolonged period of time. To beat slots occurs out of sheer luck and there is absolutely no skill or strategy necessary to enable you to win slots games online or in a casino setting. It does not make a difference who you are, how long you have been playing or how much money you have spent on a slots game, you are never owed anything in return.

If you are able to win at slots this is a bonus, not a given right. But there are some specific tactics that you can use to help you to increase your chances to win at slots, like looking at the RTP, the variance levels, choosing your time to play and, for some players, opting in or out of playing progressive slots to increase the win slots ability or the size of the potential win.

Win on Less Popular Slots

Slots online with the best aesthetics are designed to catch the eye of the player and therefore will always have a larger following. But do not be fooled into thinking that they are always going to be the biggest win slots because this is rarely the case. It is actually more frequently the case that to win at slots and to beat slots more often, you should look for the online slot games that have the less attractive graphics.

This is a trick from the designers to make them look less attractive to entice fewer players so that they have to pay out less often but can afford to payout bigger win slots prizes. But you know the secret now so see if you can beat slots in a different way. Go by the old adage of “never judge a book by its cover” here!

Beat Slots at Specific Times

Sadly, many players get stuck in a rut and make a problem for themselves when it comes to aiming to win at slots repeatedly. This is because they think that after one win on a certain day at a certain time, that they associate this win and therefore think that they will only win again on this day of the week at the same time. But this is not the way to win slots.

As slot are a game of luck, you need to play at random because this is a game of random luck. To help yourself beat slots games, no matter which slot you choose to play, try altering the times of day or night that you play at and the days of the week so that you are giving yourself the best chance of having a win at slots online as you play.

Win at Slots when you Don’t Need a Win

As with any gambling or gaming, you would be well advised to take serious note of this last point and never play on slots when you are reliant on a win at slots. This can lead to all sorts of issues with gambling addiction and worse. Only try and beat slots when you have disposable income where you would not miss the funds if you lost the credit you have deposited in your Star Slots account.

This, in an indirect way, will help you win slots, will decrease your likelihood of developing an addiction and will increase the fun you have whilst you are playing slots games on, no matter which slots game is your favourite to play.