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What are the benefits of free demo slot games?

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One way to grip a player and get them involved in the world of online slot games is to offer them a demonstration of what it is that a game entails.

Game demos were a tool originally used by video games developers to allow players to sample their games without having to pay any money. Now, online slot sites like Star Slots have taken this model and created free demo slot games for new players to try slot games that they may be unfamiliar with. But what are the benefits of this system? Surely not paying is bad for developers and casino sites.

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For the slots player

For a slot player, they can use a free demo slot game to try out a new slot and determine whether or not they will like it.

If a machine has a high RTP rate a player will be able to gather this from a few spins of the reels. If the theme or music is not for them, then that will also become apparent.

If you are someone that is picky over the slots that they play it is definitely beneficial to try the free demo slot game. You don’t want to waste your time, after all.

Demo slots are free

What is better than playing online slot games? Playing online slot games for free.

With free demo slot games you get to do just this. If you play slots for fun then you are able to surf and find all of the demos that you want. If you find one that you like, you really haven’t lost anything.  Star Slots is a great site to try out all the slot games that you may like and so this is a place that you’ll definitely want to visit.

One downside to this is that some sites do not allow you to withdraw the money that you win on a slot demo.

Considering the wealth of benefits that a demo presents us players this really is a minor downside. If you like the game then you’ll be playing it in no time anyway.

For the developers

When a developer puts one of their play slot games out as a free demo slot game they are displaying the utmost confidence in their product.

By making the game available for free, a developer is basically saying that their slot game is so good that they believe a player will continue to play once the free demo is over. At the end of the demo the game will inform the player where they can find the full game and the player can then pay to play for real. A great place to try out slot games is Star Slots, whether or not you have tried the demo. It is all great.

Getting their games noticed

Another benefit for the slot developer is that they can advertise their slot. When a developer puts out a free demo slot game they are increasing the chances that a player will find and play their game. Therefore a demo promotes awareness of a slot game.

For the casino site

A casino site may choose to house a free demo slot game as it brings people to their online casino site. As with the developer, sites like Star Slots use demos to get people trying their product and if a player gets hooked, then they have earned a new customer.

Sign up Bonuses

With slot demos available on their sites, online casinos do not need to offer as many sign up bonuses to new players such as deposit offers. This is because there is already an enticing reason present in the form of free demo slot games. This means that the player is already receiving something for free by signing up to the site without the casino offering anything of their own. In other words, they too have nothing to lose.


In conclusion free demos for slot games are beneficial to everyone involved in online casinos. The developers of the slot games get their product out there and in the hands of the consumer, with the chance of hanging onto the new customers.

Casino sites like Star Slots get to offer something for new slot players without losing anything and slot players can sample and play new slots for free. So what are the benefits of free demo slot games? Well, it appears to be win-win for everyone involved; find demo slots on Starslots.com