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What are the best slots to play online?

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Everywhere you search there are plenty of different slot games to play online. Some have a distinct theme to keep you hooked, others are more serious and rapidly change gameplay aspects. Either way they are all different and unique. But are some better than others?

With so many slots to choose from and so many variations, what exactly are the best slots play online?

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The Simple slot games

One enticing thing that can keep a player coming back for more is a games simplicity. You may not like flash and fury but still want to play online slots. To some people these are the best slots to play online. If this sounds like you head to Star Slots to check out:

Starburst- a very basic slot game set in outer space. The aim is to match the coloured gems across the five reels to win. Match 3, 4 or 5 to increase your multiplier. There are no bonus features here, just plenty of ways to win in the base game.

7’s Deluxe - another easy slots games to play game from Blueprint gaming that does not overwhelm the player with tons of features. The idea is to match the fruit symbols across the 3 reels to win. The 7’s in the games titles act as the wilds and so there are chances to win free spins and increase your multiplier.
 However, with only 5 pay lines the player is more hard pressed to win than in most games. An RTP rate of 96% should be enough to offset this fact if you wanted to give it a spin.

If you like a simple game, try these to see if they earn your vote for best slot to play online.

Themed Slots games

Perhaps the easier to grasp games aren’t for you. Maybe you prefer something with a bit more personality. Do you enjoy ancient Egypt or heavy sci-fi? Or something colourful and fun?

Again by checking the slots on Star spin Slots you’ll find:

Fluffy Favourites - one of the most eye catching slot games out there from renowned developer EyeCon. They have put together a stunningly bright games full of cuddly critters that one would win at a fairground. The stuffed animals act as the games symbols with the purple hippo awarding the player the most by matching 3, 4 or 5 across the 5 reels. Alongside this are the lion, panda, turtle and dragon that also need to be matched. Find the pink elephant and the player is brought to a bonus round where they can win some more free spins. With an RTP rate of 95% you can win frequently and be charmed by this slot.

This is just one example of some of the more bonkers ideas available out there and with three other games in the Fluffy saga, you will be hard pressed to find a more enchanting slot experience.

Best Offers

Some sites such as Star Slots give the player certain offers when signing up to play on their slots. For example, if you sign up to Star Slots they will give you 500 hundred free spins on the aforementioned Starburst. With an offer this good it would be hard not to allow this slot game to worm its way into contention for best slot to play online.

Since there are offers available on other games it is not hard to see why some people get accustomed to certain games. Let them become their favourites.

High RTP rates

Of course, we now get to the reason that most people play online slots. To win.

It stands to reason that the best slots to play online are the ones that offer the best chances to win, pay out the most. When visiting Star Slots you will be greeted by a myriad of slot games. Rainbow Jackpots, Fluffy Favourites and Spectre Estate to name a few.

All of these slots have an RTP rate of 95% or higher. You can’t ask more from a slot game than that.


What makes the best slot to play online? There are a number of things but the most important is what you, the player, wants.

There is so much variety out there you are bound to find the game that suits you. Whether you want to win large amounts of money or want a casual afternoon playing games on the sofa, there is a slot game out there perfectly suited to you. In the end isn’t that the best slot?