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Why you should Consider using Mobile Slots

Mobile slot games

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With so many ways to play online slots nowadays it is easy to overlook some of the more obscure methods. You can play online at home on sites like Star Slots, in a good old fashioned brick and mortar casino and now on your smart phone.

That’s right. Mobile slots are now a viable thing and they are a fabulous addition to the world of slots. If you are new to the idea or simply haven’t tried mobile slots pay by phone bill then here’s several reasons why you should give it a go.

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How it works

The way pay by mobile slots works is that you can pay your slot deposits using your phone bill. This means that you do not need to create an online casino account to deposit and play mobile slots. Playing mobile slots becomes as easy as logging onto Star Slots from anywhere you like and start spinning. The money that you add is added that month’s phone bill which is why you may hear this being called pay by phone bill slots.

But that’s not all. There are more benefits that you should consider.

Mobile Gaming offers Security

As you have probably guessed already, the fact that you do not need to deposit via an online casino account means that you do not need to add your bank or card details to play mobile slots.

This is a great benefit for anyone that is concerned about online security. By paying by phone bill you are avoiding another party seeing your personal details and therefore the chances that they may be stolen. Great online slot sites such as Star Slots do ensure that you are as safe as possible when you play slot games but it will never be 100% safe. For those of us that are a little nervous about internet security, pay by phone bill slots might be right for you.

Playing Slots on the Go is Convenient

Another benefit to pay by mobile slots is that you can play mobile slots anytime and anywhere that you like. Or, more specifically, anywhere with an internet connection. Since the slot games are now available on your smart phone, we can play online slots anywhere that we choose to take our smart phone and, let’s face it, that is everywhere.

Play in a café’, at your friend’s house or on the bus. There are no limits with mobile slots. As long as you have your smart phone you can play.

Slots become social

Now we know that mobile slots can be played from anywhere that greatly increases our possibilities of sharing our online slot games with others. When you choose to pay by phone bill you can now play with anyone looking at your screen. The fear that someone might see your online casino password or bank details is gone. Now you are free to share your screen with your friends and all play mobile slots together in comfort. Pass your smart phone around the group and see who can win the most. It is much better than all crowding around a PC screen and fighting for space. Who wants the awkwardness of asking people to look away when typing a password? Nobody.

The Cons on Mobile Slots

As with everything in life, nothing is perfect. Unfortunately this is also true of pay by mobile/ phone bill slots.

The biggest negative is that you cannot withdraw the money you win online using this method. The amount will not be added to your phone bill as cash or credit. Therefore, if you happen to win big on Star Slots you still need an online account to receive your winnings. It isn’t the end of the world for those who just want to play mobile slots for fun but serious gamblers may see this is a disadvantage. Also, internet connection is key when playing mobile slots.

This is not a problem exclusive to mobile slots but it is more present when wandering around with your smart phone. However, the clever player can avoid this by selecting where they play their mobile slots carefully. Keep checking those signal bars and you’ll be fine.

Verdict on Slots on Mobile

In conclusion, pay by mobile slots offer many huge benefits to slots players. From convenience, to security benefits - we really can play anywhere at any time. When you pay by phone bill the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you have a solid internet connection. No one wants to lose progress on Star Slots.

Ah lastly, our free spins bonus is also available through this payment method!