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How to Win at Online Slots

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The best online slots games are mostly down to chance and luck, but there are definitely things that you can do to increase your chances of winning. Experienced online slot players know this, and they have various different strategies that they follow. For example, some people only play online slot games that offer them good bonuses or options for free practice games. Whatever your level, we have put together a simple guide on how to win at online slots.

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#1 Check your connection when playing Slots

Now, this may seem like an obvious one! But there’s no harm in checking before you begin your online slot adventure. What’s worse than a getting a buffering screen in the middle of your gameplay? Your internet connection might not even be strong enough to run the program. So consider doing a bit of research on what technology you need before you begin, as you don’t want to claim your Starburst free spins no deposit and then go offline – do you?

#2 Make use of no deposit bonuses and free slots

You should always make use of the no deposit bonuses that casinos offer. Most casinos offer it in order to tempt in new customers, so you’ll have to sign up to claim it. £10 or £20 are the usual amounts up for grabs, and using it will definitely increase your chances of winning – you’re essentially playing with free money so anything that you win is a bonus! Sometimes, if you win big, you may be required to make a deposit. So make sure you do you’re research and read the fine print before signing up.

#3 Free Spins Bonuses on Online Slots

Casinos are always thinking up new ways of rewarding their players and providing them with incentives to keep playing, and you should make use of this! Lots offer free spins bonuses or free spins bonus rounds in their online slot games, in fact they are actually quite a common feature. Although you can’t guarantee getting this, you should definitely make use of any free spins feature that comes your way as it can help increase your chances of winning. It can also help you figure out the best way to place your future bets.

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#4 If you can, play for free!

We think you’ll agree, practice makes perfect! But in the case of online slot games it makes almost perfect because there’s no guarantees. But practice certainly helps improve your skills and to devise appropriate slot strategies. Some online casinos allow you to play for fun, and not with your hard earned money. This is a great option you should take advantage of, beginner or not, because it could help you win without costing you a penny. You can discover more about the slots features, like wilds and multipliers or their pay tables. Plus you’ll get a better understanding of the odds, and then you can make an informed judgement on whether the game is worth playing. What more could you ask for? You can learn all about your chosen game and play it for fun!

#5 To Max bet or to not Max bet? Jackpot or not Jackpot?

Casino websites sometimes advise you to place a Max Bet (maximum bet) when playing online slot games. The thinking is that you can win big due to multiple line wins, but online slot games are a games of chance and this can never be guaranteed. It’s important to remember that betting the maximum amount in no way increases your odds of winning. You may want to consider playing slot games with a low volatility as you can win smaller wins more regularly.

#6 Look at the pay tables

This ties in with doing your own research before deciding on which online slot game to play, as you’ll find that each game has its own pay table and features. Knowing the different pay tables and taking note of the differences, can positively influence your wins. To win at slots this is a feature you need to grasp beforehand.

#7 Check out the bonuses on offer on different online casinos

Casinos don’t just offer welcome bonuses, they often offer lots of other incentives to excite you and add to your gaming experience. You should take advantage of anything that comes your way; these can be can be weekly or monthly bonuses or even entrances into VIP members clubs with exclusive offers and tips. Casinos often hold special events for new games that they are launching, and they could offer you Free Spins or multipliers. You should definitely regularly check your emails from the casino to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything.  

#8 Stick to your budget

You should make sure that you set your budget before you begin your online gaming journey. This is such an important tip to remember, as you should never bet money that you can’t afford to lose. This can cause you to become stressed and sad, or it could prompt you to chase your losses and that’s never a good idea. Setting limits for yourself is the responsible thing to do, and it helps keep your gambling experience a fun one.

#9 Know when to walk away

Sounds obvious, right? But online gaming can be engaging, and time can just fly by. We recommend you take regular breaks. You take regular breaks at work if you’re sat in front of your computer. So why not apply it to your gambling experience? You’ll feel much more refreshed and it will raise your concentration levels. Drinking glasses of water can also help with this. It can also help reduce any headaches you might get from staring at the screen! This tip can really help in improving your gaming skills, as you are more likely to make informed and sensible decisions. This also ties in with keeping your head clear, we recommend that you don’t consume alcohol or substances while gaming. This also goes for your emotional health as well, as if you play while feeling angry, stressed or sad then you’re more likely to make decisions that you’ll regret.

#10 Have fun!

Don’t take the game too seriously, as it will suck all the fun out of it! As long as you are playing the game responsibly, following all our tips, then we’re sure you will!

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