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Pay by Mobile Casino 2020

Slotstranaughts far and near, it is time to find out what Star slot has in store for you both in terms of gaming and otherwise. Indeed, there is a spaceship load of slot games to give you that intergalactic casino experience you’ve always wanted, but there’s even more excitement with our novel deposit method. The latest wonder to hit the world of casino gaming is the Pay By Mobile casino, and Star Slots has made it available to all customers to ease the process of making deposits into their Star slots account.  Of course, you need to get all the exciting details about the usefulness and possible drawbacks of using Pay By Mobile casino for your deposits with Star Slots, and that is why we have dedicated this page to giving you that information and some more.

Ah and in case you are wondering; Yes, our Starburst free spins offer is also available for people who deposit with their mobile!

What is Pay By Mobile Casino?

The way deposits are made online can only be safer and much easier if there way a payment method that allowed users to keep valuable information about their credit cards to themselves. Pay By Mobile does exactly that while offering you the best online slots. With this method of depositing online both in casinos and elsewhere, all you need to do is use your mobile phone in a few steps, and payment is made. To know more about the terms and conditions of using Pay By Mobile as your preferred deposit medium, consult your mobile phone provider.

Why should you make a Pay By Mobile Deposit?

The reasons why you may want to try out Pay By Mobile casino for your deposit transactions are innumerable, but we have put some of the most important reasons together in this paragraph. Whether your love for slots has recently grown because you can enjoy them on the go, or you are just trying to find out what playing slot on your smartphone feels like, this deposit method will make your experience much straightforward.

One of the common reasons why slot lovers are using Pay By Mobile casino for their deposits is the convenience and ease of transaction that it provides. Unlike other methods of payment via Mobile that requires wi-fi or mobile internet connection, Pay By Mobile casino doesn’t need you to have internet access. Once you have an active and verified phone number, you are set to enjoy the privileges of Pay By Mobile wherever you are and whenever you want.

Apart from making it stress-free for you to make deposits, with Pay By Mobile, You can rest assured that your deposit transactions are secured. In fact, Pay By Mobile has been discovered to be one of the safest mediums of making deposits at present. Across online deposit transactions, you made in the past, both in casinos and on other platforms, you had to use your credit or debit cards. With such transactions, there is usually the fear of safety and what your vital details will be used for without your permission. When you use Pay By Mobile casino, you need no bank details as all your transactions will go through your mobile provider. The only transaction will pass through your mobile provider, which means that your preferred online casino will only function as a distant third party. Your total deposit transaction for the month will be deducted from your phone bill at the end of the month.

It is an awesome idea to consult with your mobile phone provider if you seek to understand your rights as regards the terms and conditions for making deposits via your Pay By Mobile casino.

Pay By Mobile is a straightforward way for you to gamble on a fixed budget. With Pay By Mobile casino, you can only make a daily deposit of £10 in a day, which means that you have your deposit limits naturally set for you. With your limit automatically set, you can now play all you want and never go overboard. If you ever feel worried about how secure it is to play slots and other games with Star slots, then you must know that Start slots works side-by-side with the UK Gambling Commission to keep customers safe. You can read up the whole breakdown by taking a look through our responsible gambling policy here.

Why You Should Choose a Pay By Mobile Casino over an E-Wallet

It is true that E-wallets are very secure for making a deposit, but Pay By Mobile casino offers players the safest approach for making deposits online. Both methods are much similar in terms of drawbacks and advantages. However, many people prefer to use E-Wallet and are now attracted to Pay By Mobile because both platforms are the safest and most private payment methods out there. Nevertheless, Pay By Mobile is the easiest of both payment options.

New horizons for Star slots

Now you have all the vital details you require on why and how you should use the Pay By Mobile casino. Now it’s time to see what Star slots have to provide punters with. You may have gone through our collection of slot games and found some games you love, but we will have you know that there’s more to see. If you are new here, you can rest assured that there’s something for every customer regardless of your taste in slots. At Star slot, we make sure to update our collection of slots when there are super cool ones freshly created by any of the top developers out there. Oh! What else could you ask for? Roulette or blackjack? We have got all of those too!

Play Online Slots through our Pay By Mobile Casino

What do you think about popular slot games like Starburst? Of course, what comes to mind is highly profitable and fun! Here at Star slots, we offer you all the stars of online slots like the fluffy favorites, rainbow riches, Vikings slots, and much more. Major developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and more have their Hi-Tech games here, so there is nothing you want that we can’t offer. Make sure that you check out the games available in our arsenal.