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Pay by Mobile Slots at Our UK Casino

Slotstranaughts far and near, it is time to find out what Star slot has in store for you both in terms of gaming and otherwise. Indeed, there is a spaceship load of slot games to give you that intergalactic casino experience you’ve always wanted, but there’s even more excitement with our novel deposit method. The latest wonder to hit the world of casino gaming is the Pay By Mobile casino, and Star Slots has made it available to all customers to ease the process of making deposits into their Star slots account.  Of course, you need to get all the exciting details about the usefulness and possible drawbacks of using Pay By phone casino for your deposits with Star Slots, and that is why we have dedicated this page to giving you that information and some more.

Ah, and in case you are wondering; Yes, our Starburst free spins offer is also available for people who deposit with their mobile!

What is Pay By Mobile Casino?mobile slot

The way deposits are made online can only be safer and much easier if there way a payment method that allowed users to keep valuable information about their credit cards to themselves. Pay By Mobile does exactly that while offering you the best online slots. With this method of depositing online both in casinos and elsewhere, all you need to do is use your mobile phone in a few steps, and payment is made. To know more about the terms and conditions of using Pay By Mobile as your preferred deposit medium, consult your mobile phone provider.

Why should you make a Pay By Mobile Deposit?

The reasons why you may want to try out Pay By Mobile casino for your deposit transactions are innumerable, but we have put some of the most important reasons together in this paragraph. Whether your love for slots has recently grown because you can enjoy them on the go, or you are just trying to find out what playing slot on your smartphone feels like, this deposit method will make your experience much straightforward.

One of the common reasons why slot lovers are using Pay By Mobile casino for their deposits is the convenience and ease of transaction that it provides. Unlike other methods of payment via Mobile that requires wi-fi or mobile internet connection, Pay By Mobile casino doesn’t need you to have internet access. Once you have an active and verified phone number, you are set to enjoy the privileges of Pay By Mobile wherever you are and whenever you want.

Apart from making it stress-free for you to make deposits, with Pay By Mobile, You can rest assured that your deposit transactions are secured. In fact, Pay By Mobile has been discovered to be one of the safest mediums of making deposits at present. Across online deposit transactions, you made in the past, both in casinos and on other platforms, you had to use your credit or debit cards. With such transactions, there is usually the fear of safety and what your vital details will be used for without your permission. When you use Pay By Mobile casino, you need no bank details as all your transactions will go through your mobile provider. The only transaction will pass through your mobile provider, which means that your preferred online casino will only function as a distant third party. Your total deposit transaction for the month will be deducted from your phone bill at the end of the month.

It is an awesome idea to consult with your mobile phone provider if you seek to understand your rights as regards the terms and conditions for making deposits via your Pay By Mobile casino.

Pay By Mobile is a straightforward way for you to gamble on a fixed budget. With Pay By Mobile casino, you can only make a daily deposit of £10 in a day, which means that you have your deposit limits naturally set for you. With your limit automatically set, you can now play all you want and never go overboard. If you ever feel worried about how secure it is to play slots and other games with Star slots, then you must know that Start slots works side-by-side with the UK Gambling Commission to keep customers safe. You can read up the whole breakdown by taking a look at our responsible gambling policy here.

Why You Should Choose a Pay By Mobile Casino over an E-Wallet

It is true that E-wallets are very secure for making a deposit, but Pay By Mobile casino offers players the safest approach for making deposits online. Both methods are much similar in terms of drawbacks and advantages. However, many people prefer to use E-Wallet and are now attracted to Pay By Mobile because both platforms are the safest and most private payment methods out there. Nevertheless, Pay By Mobile is the easiest of both payment options.

New horizons for Star slots

Now you have all the vital details you require on why and how you should use the Pay By Mobile casino. Now it’s time to see what Star slots have to provide punters with. You may have gone through our collection of slot games and found some games you love, but we will have you know that there’s more to see. If you are new here, you can rest assured that there’s something for every customer regardless of your taste in slots. At Star slot, we make sure to update our collection of slots when there are super cool ones freshly created by any of the top developers out there. Oh! What else could you ask for? Roulette or blackjack? We have got all of those too!

Play Online Slots through our Pay By Mobile Casino

What do you think about popular slot games like Starburst? Of course, what comes to mind is highly profitable and fun! Here at Star slots, we offer you all the stars of online slots like the fluffy favorites, rainbow riches, Vikings slots, and much more. Major developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and more have their Hi-Tech games here, so there is nothing you want that we can’t offer. Make sure that you check out the games available in our arsenal.

How Can I withdraw my funds using my phone?

Pay by phone giveth and pay by phone taketh away. With regards to depositing funds safely and quickly, pay by phone can’t be beaten. However, when it comes to withdrawals, things get a little more complicated.

The very nature of a pay by phone mechanism means that you are restricted in terms of withdrawals. In fact, there’s no way to withdraw funds using a pay by mobile system. It’s understandable when you think about it. After all, how would you even be able to withdraw money from your phone bill? All hope isn’t lost yet though. There are still ways to work around the system. There are pay by phone casino withdrawal alternatives that will allow you to cash out your winnings using your phone. You will need to use a different medium like Visa or Skrill to do so. Most online casino sites let their players use pay by phone deposits because of how easy and convenient it is – the quicker players can make their deposits, the quicker they can spend that money playing the casino games.

By offering fast deposits and even faster payouts, players can see how easy and rewarding it is to play these games, and when it comes time to make the next deposit they won’t take a second thought as it was so simple the first time around. When you add in the fact that players can do this literally anywhere in the world with a wifi connection, the online casinos can really start rubbing their hands together.

Safety and Security with Casinos on your Phone

Arguably the biggest selling point that comes with using pay by mobile casinos is the added security it brings. Much of this is down to the fact that you never have to provide your bank account information if you’re using pay by mobile for your deposits, meaning that you never have to reveal your financial details if you don’t feel comfortable giving them to an online casino.

It’s safe and easy to deposit funds straight to your account via your mobile phone, and the money will be tacked on to your phone bill at the end of the month or subtracted from your balance on a prepaid SIM.

That’s the beauty of the extra technology afforded to us in 2020; all the heavy lifting can be handled through your mobile phone, and this is what makes pay by mobile the best method of depositing into online casinos. Once all that is taken care of, it’s full steam ahead to the slot or casino game of our choice.

The majority of network carriers and online casinos use a Pay by Phone system these days, and online casino players are better off as a result. As well as sometimes being entitled to a welcome bonus, the speed, convenience and added safety of pay by mobile depositing improves the casino gaming experience for everyone involved.

As great as pay by mobile is, it’s not a completely perfect system. There are some minor drawbacks to consider before committing fully to this method of depositing funds.

Drawbacks of Paying with your Phone

As we’ve already mentioned, there are no withdrawals with pay by mobile. As a result an alternative banking method will be needed to withdraw your winnings, although Apple Pay is a way around that system as it operates differently. Furthermore, the deposit limits tend to be quite low. Usually players are only able to deposit £10 per transaction or at most £30 per day. These small deposit limits can have an adverse effect with regards to online casino bonuses.

Some of the bigger bonus offers won’t be able to be unlocked with the minimum deposit of the casino. It’s always worth checking the wagering requirements of these bonuses before you get your hopes up! Whilst a lot of the major network carriers use pay by mobile, not all of them do. Some of the smaller service providers don’t have pay by mobile as an option, so it’s worth checking if your network provides this option before committing to using pay by mobile for your casino deposits.

Overall there’s so much to like about pay by mobile depositing. IT’s hard to put a price on the peace of mind that it offers as you don’t have to share your banking details with any websites you don’t trust. It’s also so quick and easy that it leaves you more time to get to the good stuff – namely playing the online casino games of your choice and winning as much as possible. Worry about the money at the end of the month when your phone bill comes.

It’s readily available in the majority of online casinos and mobile phone network providers. It seems to be the way that online casino gaming is heading, so it makes sense to get on board with it as soon as possible.

Common mobile Deposit Methods

Outside of pay by phone, there are still more traditional methods of making deposits to online casinos. It’s just a matter of finding what you’re comfortable with (and what you can afford) and just going with it.


Boku is the UK’s foremost mobile payment provider when it comes to online casinos. This service isn’t just limited to Britain as it operates in many other countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America. It’s incredibly easy to deposit with Boku. You choose a payment option, enter your mobile number and confirm the amount you wish to deposit. Once you’ve deposited with Boku once in a pay by phone casino, your number will be saved for future use. You can transfer money between accounts, leaving you to have as much fun as possible in your online casino journey knowing that the money will be taken care of later.


Payforit is another viable option when it comes to deposting money in pay by mobile casinos, and it’s a platform that is supported by a whole host of online casinos and mobile network providers – in a nutshell it's a method of direct mobile billing which has been created by and used by the UK’s major phone networks. The likes of Vodafone, Virgin, EE, O2 and Three are all on the Payforit hype, much to the delight of online casino players all over the country. The ease of use of Payforit is a major contributing factor to the platform’s growing popularity. If you already have a mobile subscription from one of the aforementioned network carriers, and you’re playing with a casino which supports Payforit, then you’re in business. If those criteria are met, then all that’s left for you to do is to follow the instructions on the screen.

Although most UK casinos that utilise pay by mobile payment methods are using Payforit, the service may be listed under a different name on the casinos banking methods page. If you want to deposit with payforit, then be on the lookout for one of these alias’: Pay by Phone, Charge to Mobile, Pay by Mobile, Pay Via Phone, Charge to Bill or Mobile Pay.

Apple Pay

iPhone and IOS users all over the world don’t need to be told about the wonders of Apple Pay. It’s no surprise to see that Apple Pay has become one of the most popular payment methods worldwide. People need to get some use out of those Apple Watches after all. For those unaware (or those who prefer android devices), Apple Pay works as a digital wallet that stores your payment information. It uses your banking data to make quick and easy purchases, including secure deposits in online casinos. You can also withdraw money from your account using Apple Pay. If you already have the technology available to you and the online casino gives you the option, it’s not a bad way to go.