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How to play Blackjack: Tips and Guidelines

How to play Blackjack: Tips and Guidelines

How to play Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular game, even enjoyed by celebrities from Leo De Caprio to Frank Sinatra. It’s fair to say blackjack is one of the most likely to be a casino game of chance ruled by risk.

To understand this popular game, it is a good idea to understand where Blackjack came from how it all started; most players are aware of the history of slot games but not of blackjack although it is easy to speculate such origins. Did it come from the wealthy? Begin at a speakeasy? All of these secrets and more will be uncovered to help you understand how to play blackjack.

As it is such a popular game, it is interesting then that it is one that is shrouded in mystery. But it is also one of the appeals that attracts gamers to play it in the first place; even online slot gamers play blackjack when they need a break from the reels.

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Can Blackjack history teach us Anything?

Many theories and ideas surround the origins of blackjack. But it can be hard to know which one is accurate without exploring these options. In the long run, a better understanding of the game is going to help you win the game.

Blackjack that we all know and love today is a variant that has swept across Europe. Since it was first introduced in France and Spain, then known as “Vingt-et-un”, which means 21.

But, blackjack does predate this, as it came from other games like the french game “Quinze”. Which means 15, and this game and blackjack also sprung from the game “sette e mezzo”. Which originates from Italy and means seven and a half.

Historians Roger Baldwin and Arnold Snyder have produced extensive research. From their findings have shown that actually, blackjack seems to have come instead from the Spanish game “Trente-un”, which means 31.

Baldwin and Snyder found that a priest had referenced this game in 1440. It had also been referenced in a text from 1570 written by author Miguel de Cervantes.

But the name of the game actually came of course, from the Americans. In 1820, the game was legalised and blackjack began popping up everywhere. With its own new American rules.

Blackjack is a game that is the most played across the globe. The rules and strategies that can assist in how to play blackjack are pretty straight forward. So, it is a game we can all play and love for years of enjoyment to come.

Guidelines for playing card games effectively 

Blackjack, at its very core, is essentially a comparison game played with cards. Additionally, to play blackjack you need to have a group of players, the cards and a dealer.

Each player will then take it in turns to play the game against the dealer. But not against each other, and it is played with one card deck consisting of 52 cards. In compliance with Blackjack rules and strategies the game can be played with more than one card deck.

The dealer of the game can be beaten by several Blackjack rules and strategies. If a player gets 21 points with the first two cards for example, which is an event aptly labelled a ‘Blackjack’ or a ‘natural’.  If this happens without a dealer ‘Blackjack’.

Another couple of ways to win at the game Blackjack and beating the dealer is if a player reaches a score. Which is higher than the dealer and without this score going past the figure 21. Or if the dealer draws even more cards until the figure exceeds 21, which is an event called ‘busted’.

At the beginning of a game of Blackjack, each player is dealt two cards which are given either facing up or down. Which is dependant on the casino and table, and usually, the dealer will get one card that faces up.

A ‘pip value’ is the value of cards two through ten, but the Jack, King and Queen are all worth ten each. However, an Ace card is worth either one or 11. The sum of the card value is called ‘a hand’s value’, and each player is allowed to pull more cards to improve that.

If a hand has got an Ace valued at 11. This is known as a ‘soft, and that means the hand won’t ‘bust’ with another card. Though the Ace then goes to the value of one if more are pulled so as to avoid going over 21. If that occurs it means the hand would then be a ‘hard.’

Blackjack tips and strategies that can help a player win

When the players are done with their ‘hands’ the dealer has their turn in getting their own ‘hand’. However, this isn’t the case if those playing have busted or got Blackjacks. The dealer then shows their hidden card and hits until the value of the cards reaches 17 or more.

So, players can win with one of three strategies. By not busting and getting value at the end that’s greater than the dealer’s. Not busting but the dealer does, or by getting a Blackjack when the dealer doesn’t.

However, there are occasions when both the player and dealer have the same total overall at the end. Not including Blackjacks, and this is known as a ‘push’. But typically the player doesn’t win or lose any money if this happens. If not, the dealer wins the game.

So, if you want to play blackjack the above information should give you all you need to know to do so. Like everything, it will just take some practice to get the hang of the game at first. Then after this, you will find that you will pick it up sooner than you think.

There is also a wide array of apps and online blackjack games. Which can be useful if played responsibly and from a reputable source. Which will help you train and develop a good and further understanding of blackjack. But ideally, it is a good idea to find free games to start with, or try slot games with 500 Starburst Free Spins.

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