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Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Please The Gods, Win The Gold!

Over the years Microgaming has made some of the most popular online slot games in the world, but none are like this one that’s for sure. Ancient Fortunes Zeus is a game that takes place at Mount Olympus, the home to the gods. Those who can appease these legendary beings will be rewarded in gold, the sort of gold that will completely change everything! Check out these best slots right away!

Ancient Fortunes Zeus is a 5 reel by 10 payline game — a very similar layout to a lot of other slots out there that come from the Microgaming camp. We’d highly recommend that you set aside a couple of hours so that you can fully immerse yourself into this world, you’ll thank us later when you see just how much money you’ve earned here.

If you find that you really enjoy playing this Greek epic, then there is a mobile online slot version that plays a lot like the desktop version. Most mobile versions are quite glitchy and don’t really offer a lot, whereas in Ancient Fortunes Zeus you are offered almost the same experience, one that very rarely stutters at all!

Entry into this slot begins at 10p and ends at £70 a spin, a very diverse margin that should appeal to a lot of players out there who are looking to meet with Zeus himself! There’s lots of UK's best slot games in startslots arsenal,  so you wouldn’t be short of fun and excitement.

ancient fortunes slot game

About the Developer: Microgaming

Microgaming is a developer that a lot of you out there will have probably heard of in the past. These guys have quite a lot of games in their catalogue, very interesting games, to say the least. Ancient Fortunes Zeus is just the tip of the iceberg as far as innovative gaming titles are concerned. Some of our personal favourite online slot games come from this developer.

This developer is one of the oldest going today, Microgaming’s been in business since 1994, which is a really long time ago when you stop to think about it. The release of their Viper software in 2002, which only helped to bring them to the forefront. If you want to play some other games from these guys then here are a few that we think you should check out:

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About the Game/Bonus Features

Ancient Fortunes Zeus is not the first sot to come out in this genre, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the very best in this lane. We tend to trust developers like Microgaming a lot more than others simply because of how meticulous they are with their games, and Ancient Fortune Zeus is no exception. We’re going to cover it in a lot more detail here, but just know that you’re in for a real treat here.

ancient fortunes zeus slot

Like we’ve already mentioned, this slot takes place at Mount Olympus, a home that sits just above the clouds, a place where the gods live. The reels here take place on a wall of some kind, one that’s made out of grey stones. We originally thought that this slot looked like the gates to Mount Olympus, but after closer inspection, this just isn’t the case.

Symbols in Ancient Fortunes Zeus are incredibly detailed, looking like they’ve been carved out of marble/granite. Each of these symbols reflects different faces, each face depicting a specific Greek god. All of these symbols offer something completely different as far as scores are concerned. Zeus and Ares are represented here, as well as countless others.

Rolling Reels: This feature changes the ways that symbols can be matched. Normally most slot games only have symbols matching in a left to right orientation. In Ancient Fortunes Zeus you are given the tools to match symbols in all sorts of directions.

Free Spins: Free spins are unlocked here through the matching of the scatter symbols on the board. Scatters are represented by the lightning bolt symbols. The more of these symbols you can match the more free spins you’ll earn. Up to 20 free spins are on offer here!

Free spins are valuable to any avid online slot gamer in that they provide you with multipliers, the kind that can increase your scores tenfold.

Coin and bet amount in Ancient Fortunes Zeus is quite diverse when compared to other games out right now. Coins range from as little as 0.10 to 70.00, depending on how you like to play. The more money you place here, the more money you’ll earn. If you are taking your first steps here, you might want to play on a low amount, just until you get a feel for it where you can then raise the stakes.

ancient fortunes zeus slot gameplay

If you want to jump straight into the action, then you should look to the bottom of the screen where you can hit the max bet button, a button that does exactly what it says, allowing players to jump straight into Ancient Fortunes Zeus instantly. Playing on the highest amount possible will net you the most cash possible when successful, so if you are playing this game for the money, then you should be looking at using this button as often as you can.

On the bottom of the screen is where you’ll find a list of other features here too, including an autoplay mode that will basically pass the controls over to the games CPU. All you need to do is select a specific number of games that you want the computer to play for you, all you need to do is select your bets for these spins, and away you go! You can stop/start this bonus at any time, so try not to feel locked in once you’ve handed the reigns over.

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