Gem Rocks

Gem Rocks slot game

Gem Rocks from developer Yggdrasil Gaming is not as rocky of a slot as it sounds. Still, it certainly comes with certain challenges, especially if you are someone relatively new to this industry as a whole!

To many, Gem Rocks marks a peak when looking at other slots coming out of the Yggdrasil Gaming camp — play Gem Rocks for yourself, and you’ll know why that is first hand! This is a slot that will take some getting used to, we’ll tell you that right now. 

Gem Rocks is a 6 reel slot machine, one that has around 4,000 winning combinations just waiting to spit out with every spin! One can climb here from as little as 25p all the way up to £100 depending on how you like to play your online slots!

Gem Rocks is not a slot you want to sleep one — for starters, it would be entirely uncomfortable to do so. Check out the rest of the review down below to learn more about one of Yggdrasil’s finest titles! Play free online slots at Star Slots today!

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About Yggdrasil Gaming and Their Slots

Malta-based developer Yggdrasil Gaming has this reputation, a reputation that has brought them a lot of business over the years — you see, Yggdrasil is known to experiment a little when it comes to the games they produce, so much so that we’re pretty sure every new release from them has something unique to it.

Punters are always going to be attracted to something different — especially in this industry, where there are so many slots you can dump into the same category over and over again. 

Yggdrasil Gaming officially opened a couple of years ago, 2013 to be specific, and have never looked back.

Their logo is almost as distinct as the slots/casino games they produce, a tree that looks just as rich as the last time we laid eyes on it spinning one of their games! If you enjoyed Gem Rocks and would like to keep branching out into other slots from Yggdrasil Gaming, then feast your eyes on the following. 

  • Age of Asgard 
  • Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine 
  • The One-Armed Bandit 
  • And many, many more! 

About the Gem Rocks Slot Game Bonus Features

Gem Rocks is an instant classic of an online slot game from a developer that clearly cares about the well being of the many people who spin here.

If you have never played a cluster slot before then buckle up, cluster slots are rapid, unforgiving in certain circumstances which can throw a few newbies off at first, but with practice comes big wins, remember that!

Just looking at this slot will tell you that you’re in for something special — it’s only when you spin that you realise how much of a game-changer it all is.

Let’s first look at what a cluster slot is so that you at least have an idea on what to expect. So a cluster slot still plays out across a certain number of reels, the only difference is there are no paylines, meaning symbols appear more sporadically, and can be combined a lot easier since you have the option to match them both horizontally and vertically with every passing spin — normal slots require a left to right push, not here. 

You will need to combine a few more icons than you normally would to create a winning combination in Gem Rocks, but this is to be expected.

We’d always recommend you spin on a lower amount in these sorts of slots — or take advantage of the autoplay mode — to get a feel for how it plays before you even think about increasing your bet amounts.

You place your bets at the start of every round — like in any slot — when ready, simply hit the spin and watch these rocks tumble! 

Gem Rocks takes place atop a rocky mountain of some kind, one that exists far, far away from the looks of things.

There’s a certain aura that fills your screen with every spin here, it sort of encourages you to keep spinning.

Every icon on the reels helps really drive this theme home, offering something different depending on the colour/shape of the symbol, and however, many icons you can cluster together to form wins!

Punters should know that any win in Gem Rocks will automatically trigger the dropdown feature, a feature that essentially causes a lot more action to fill the screen!

Rather than have symbols simple appear or roll, in Gem Rocks, all symbols will simply drop into the game — occasionally forming wins too by the way!

This dropdown feature is completely random and rather difficult to track, but definitely worth utilising if you care about making money in Gem Rocks outright!

Those of you playing Gem Rocks to make a lot of dough should lookout for a certain feature here, one that is available from the offset and throughout! To trigger this feature, you will need to rack up a certain number of dropdown wins.

With every dropdown victory, a meter found towards the side of the screen will fill. Once triggered, a single Gem rock will appear on the reels that are identical to other icons around it, thus forming a gigantic cluster! Here’s what you can earn: 

  • 2 consecutive wins = 2x2 Gem Rock
  • 5 consecutive wins = 3x3 Gem Rock
  • 9 consecutive wins = 4x4 Gem Rock

 Gem Rock Casino Gameplay

Final Verdict on the Gem Rocks Slot Game

Gem Rocks is up there with some of our favourite free online slots uk to come out in recent memory! Yggdrasil Gaming has done a fantastic job in piecing-together a cluster slot that offers punters something different when they could have very easily copied what Aloha Cluster Pays has going on.

Try not to let the fact that this slot is different throw you off — you might find that you enjoy cluster slots, and Gem Rocks opens you up to a new world of possibilities! Check out Gem Rocks today! If you enjoyed this review, why not read about the Fluffy Too slot game?